Giving Thanks

All to many times we take the good things that come to us for granted and curse those we blame for the bad things that happen to us. We worry over the obstacles that are presented to us and panic when we can’t influence a change for ourselves. Friends, family and lovers try to help in their mind set opinion of what we should do and it’s comforting to us they care enough to share their thoughts, but sometimes we just know that we need to come to terms with our changing life and overcome our situations on our own. We encounter people and situations we love and people and situations we just find useless or annoying. Take heart you are growing up spiritually when you handle that change in a calm rational manner and you will find new doors opening for you. It may not be overnight and for most people, patience is not their virtue, but you, like everything else on this planet are special for withstanding the test of time.

Give thanks if you are spending the American Thanksgiving with family and appreciate them and love them for what they are, good or bad. Give thanks if you have loving friends that asked you to eat with them when you had no where to go. Give thanks to the people you have encountered that made you feel awful, but taught you a valuable lesson you don’t want to admit to. Give thanks you have more than the homeless who are spending their Thanksgiving on the street and in food banks that have nothing more than the clothes on their back. If you are actually reading this, give thanks that you have access to a computer because there are a whole lot of people who don’t have this luxury.

This Thanksgiving I am so thankful I have a dysfunctional family that argues and banters constantly, but is always there when you need them. I am thankful I have two obnoxious selfish teenagers with an attitude that will never overpower mine even though they try really hard. I am thankful for my home, even if it’s broken, my neighbors I grew up with and some I didn’t, because we watch out for each other. I am thankful, for having to cook the entire Thanksgiving Dinner for my family, because we had the money to buy food, that my dogs and cats have not stolen for themselves, although they are waiting for an opportunity. I am really thankful for having my friends and family in my life to kick my butt, make me think, and go to the path beyond;)

Accept yourself for who you are and accept others for who they are.  You may disagree with them and they may annoy you, but you probably affect them in the same way. 

Be thankful if you have food on your table, others won’t, be thankful you have a place to live, others don’t, be thankful if you are working, others are not, be thankful if your health is good or you can afford medicine if it’s not, because others are not well and can’t afford medicine.  

And if you can help others just do it.

Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

Love and Light to All


8 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. I have been patiently waiting for another post from you and this one really hit home. It has really made me think so I suppose you do to me what others do to you. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Princess from Katie, Josh and Baby. We love you and are so Thankful you are part of our growing up together.

    Your post hit home in a lot of ways for both of us.

  3. This was an awesome piece that just explains everything there is in life to fulfill and love.

    Celtic Princess I am thankful for all that has crossed my path in my lifetime. I have learned so much from others and have passed it on to help others. You certainly know how to make people think and take themselves to a path beyond where they are.

  4. Now wait a minute Cuz I would be part of your dysfunctional family leaving me to believe this whole family is dysfunctional……Okay so I thought about it, we are dysfunctional and I feel normal now. I know I could never survive in a functional family:(

  5. My grandson had me read this. I was taught that what you give out you get back ten fold and I can attest to that very fact.

    I find the Celtic Princess rather humorous in her teachings, but very straight forward in her facts.

    I haven’t, in 83 years met a family yet that isn’t dysfunctional. It’s what makes family’s what they are and you certainly have to see all these family members make the rest of us think just a little bit harder and be happy we are not like them, so we think.

  6. Thanks for bringing me down to a reality check in these early morning hours, as I have a hard time sleeping these days. There are days I hate my life and days I love my life. Money is scarce with my husband just working with bills to pay and children to feed.

    I can’t sleep because I worry to much. I was laid off and 1 income barely makes ends meet. No medical insurance and my mother now lives with us.

    Being Thankful and praying that things get better everyday.

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