The Political Race for President

I have always disliked getting involved in expounding over politics, because somewhere in the Presidential Elections this Country’s blood pressure goes up over the stupidity of some of these candidates, what they promise and never deliver once into office, with their undignified childish behavior for control of a Country they never seem to get a grip on, or sticking to the Constitution of the United States, especially when, that statement in the Constitution that says “BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE”! Unfortunately, “FOR THE PEOPLE”, seems to have been turned around to mean for the PRESIDENT, CONGRESS AND THE SENATE and how they benefit on their special interest of what they deem important, that has absolutely nothing to do with the citizens needs, who are paying for it, unless those citizens are sent into battle to die for our Freedom so their families can be harassed by the IRS.

The PEOPLE in this Country, for some reason, have been excluded from the Constitution at this point. You know, those low life American born creatures that work their ass off, who pay boo coo taxes, that can’t feed their children, pay their mortgage, utilities or get health insurance.

The best part is all the Devout Christians who are waiting for the Messiah to come out of the clouds and save us all. Their gonna be really surprised when it turns out to be Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, John Adams and most notably, my favortite person of that time Benjamin Franklin, all carrying a big stick to smack the American Government right up the side of the head. It doesn’t really matter to me what your religion is, your ethic background or whether you think your Queen Victoria, when you don’t even come close, as the candidates are not only acting undignified, they lack a whole lot of GRACE in their actions, which certainly doesn’t show your “FOR THE PEOPLE” only your policies that benefit your minority and your interest. Talk is cheap and as long as these candidates have been in politics you would think they could come up with something better than bantering over mistakes of the past that every Human on this Planet has made and overcome or not, by the actions of their words.

I am proud and thankful to be middle-aged raising two teenagers, as an only parent, my children’s father died 3 years ago. I was told I would never have children because of a lower back injury. My children were my blessing from Above.  As for his death, I have the illegal drug runners to thank for that, NOT. Giving Amnesty to the 12 million illegals in this Country is not except-able to me. I eventually lost my job because of the last Amnesty. The person that took my job, couldn’t speak English very well and can’t pass a State Exam to Teach in Technical School, because she can’t read English, but she can keep trying and trying forever…………………… on the other hand she is cheap labor in a profession I have worked in for 28 years.

I am a Republican and not unsure about it because every Democratic President and Governor of my State has done nothing but tax me to death since I started voting at 18 years old. I’m not that stupid, as a very white female, whose very first lesson in life was to pay attention to her surroundings and everything going on in those surroundings. Although, every American right now just looks at a lazy ass President, including the Republicans, who gets his paycheck for screwing up our lives.

The present Democratic Governor of my State, you my have heard of her, Janet Napolitano, over spent Arizona’s budget by a million dollars in 2007. Of course, that isn’t mentioned on her website, as that website, like many other politicians websites, portray them as being perfect. NOT!!!!!  The only State surplus of money, came from the profession I am in, and she took the funds to balance the State’s budget before the year ended. Unfortunately, it has left State licensed technical school teachers out of a job. That’s not to mention the ignorant and lazy teachers, who are in a classroom teaching in public school. The best, is those teachers in elementary education that have absolutely no problem swearing at students as a means of control, and their teaching what?  I can grant you that RESPECT isn’t being taught in public school in Arizona. I have two teens in public education and have two teachers trying to kiss my butt to keep me from reporting verbal abuse to the kids they are teaching.

From my personal view point as who should be President, this is how I view it, WE THE PEOPLE of this Planet are all ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE, regardless of your ethnic background, religion, creed or otherwise. There is nothing else on this Planet that comes close to our mind set. Animals live on instinct that we sometimes, as humans, forget as the highest developed animal of all. We are not always right and we are not always wrong, but if you are going to run our lives you really must develop a logic that includes everyone, not just Your majority.

Middle Class Americans suffer from financial burdens the most in this Country and always have. The poor get benefits, the rich get major tax relief.

The last thing I ever want to deal with in my life as a Middle Class American is watching my children being forced to register for “THE DRAFT” to end up being sent to a useless WAR to die. The war in Iraq isn’t over until all Americans are home and we have no need to be concerned about the fate of our loved ones in battle. However, I still have the right to bear arms, for now, and should there be a personal attack in this Country on my turf, I would fight to the death to defend it, as would my children and my neighbors.


48 thoughts on “The Political Race for President

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  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I commend you for being a passionate honest American and speaking your mind. Well at least until the Government decides once again to slaughter the Constitution over FREEDOM OF SPEECH! But your right We Are One Race the Human Race and we are all equal across the board as humans regardless of what tribe you originated from.

  3. I needed a break from watching CNN News and these jackasses running for President. I came here for a break, but your as fired up as I am. There isn’t anybody on this Planet that came here as a qualified ruler. We ARE HUMANS and we make mistakes, but you would think by the way these politicians talk, if they don’t agree with your thought process you really aren’t fit to live.

    You taught me a long time ago to accept all people and their opinions whether you agree with them or not and try working together to create a common goal that helps everyone involved. You are right, but if this Country is promoting peace across this planet I wish some of the candidates would quit acting like they can change everything with their policies alone and belittling other candidates. This is a group effort of the citizens in this Country, as well as the rest of the Planet.

    It seems rather obvious that Tribal fighting in this day and time in these Countries is just a pure unadulterated lack of education and communication across the planet.

    Just voicing my opinion while I am still free enough to it.

  4. I really don’t like much “expounding” over politics, but my wife and I, that I suppose are like the rest of people, that just really are unhappy with the state of affairs going on in this Country thought, we, as born citizen should share our opinion like everybody else.

    After watching McCain’s speech the other night my wife almost thought he was taking a quote from your post about “GRACE” with the canidates in this election. After watching the 2 bickering Democrats tonight, I almost thought Obama and Clinton had read your post and decided be dignified and graceful in their debate. It was kind of a spooky feeling I got.

    If none of them read this post, then my wife and I have decided to chalk it up to that “Magnetic Energy” you seem to have to help change things without actually getting physically involved;)

  5. It’s been a while Princess, but happy to see a new post from you and a comment from Tank.

    We just want to say that if war ever came to this Country on our “turf” we too would fight to the death to defend this land, as would my neighbors and entire town for that matter. There is a whole lot of Rednecks just itching for a real fight.

    On the other most of us can’t afford Health Care. My biggest concern at the moment, that I am really not happy about, is Clinton wanting to penalize the citizens who can’t afford Health Care for their families. We just don’t make enough money and FOOD is really expensive these days. Seems the Land of Plenty has become costly to eat in while your raising kids. It’s almost like, “Do I pay my mortgage or feed my children? It’s kind of hard to decide if We want a roof over our families head and starve or food in our bellies and live on the street.

    This is just how we feel as Americans because we have NEVER been faced with this before, which is the sad part of the decline of our Country. AMERICANS IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR OUR RIGHTS AND CITIZENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Damn, you just said it like it is and I totally agree. You go girl and don’t stop.

    We all need to take a Stand to improve our lives. I know I can’t make ends meet and could care less about race or gender, I just want the best of the best to run the land I live on. I am a spoiled American and Proud of it.

    Mexican Illegals and their President need to go home and fight their own battle on their “turf”.

    I guarantee if the boarder was totally closed off and the illegals were deported, crime would greatly be reduced here and those needing to get out of their screwed up country from a President they voted for, then they need to do what WE did. FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM!

  7. This seems like an open blog, I guess I’ll know if you post this, but my opinion on this race at this point, well I am a Republican and Huckabee is a self centered, self righteous a**hole that has this deep seeded concept of control. If your voting for somebody just because of Religion then you are no better than he is. He needs to give it up.

    On the other hand McCain is just damn boring in his speeches. There’s no motivation no positive statements and just business as usual. He always seems to smile after saying things nobody likes. Am I the only one that notices that?

    These candidates don’t seem to understand the reason Obama is so popular, which, is because he motivates the PEOPLE. Clinton just annoys me with a mouth full of nothing in her crackling voice. If you have yell that loud because you think everyone is just damn deaf your not going to gain any brownie points with other Countries your doing business with.

    Have any of you seen that commercial about the old professor giving a long boring speech to young students, when all of a sudden a student loudly says “The End” and starts clapping and stands up and all the other students follow suit. The old man seems pleased. That old man reminds me of John McCain and his speeches. Geez, can’t the Republicans do better with a younger more motivated canidate?

    I also think Ron Paul just needs to walk away quietly. All I have ever seen of Ron Paul is him shaking a one page tax form with a cranky tone in his voice. I don’t think the Chinese or Russians could deal with that because as an American I can’t deal with that. I wouldn’t even know how to fill that out, I am so used to answering billions of questions on my tax forms. It’s something I look forward to when I can lock myself in my office and not have to fix dinner for 4 kids and 6 dogs, who are outside my door fighting. Although I don’t hear them with my head phones on.

  8. LMAO!!

    However canines only rule until a kitty slaps them on the nose and those canines jump on the furniture and fall down in a rubbing their nose tantrum because they had the almighty quick attack and hide feline in their face.

    Kind of reminds me of this Presidential Race. You can figure out who’s the canine and who’s the feline for yourself because everybody has an opinion.

  9. I live in London and intently watching this political race in the U.S. It’s somewhat fascinating as I am seeing many changes. I pray they are for the good of the people of this planet.

    I travel on business to other Countries and find many people look at your Country for support if there is a conflict of other Countries. My Country is in Iraq too, but your election makes everybody nervous just waiting for your election to see what the rest of the people on this globe are going to have to do. I pray your politicians make the right choice.

    Thanks if your post this.

  10. I actually like the humor of the Celtic Princess and Canines_Rule. It kind of brings a totally different perspective to such an odd and almost depressing situation in this Country.

    This may sound stupid but I am actually looking at these candidates as the “cat dog” scenario. lol

  11. After listening to the High and Mighty Clinton losing the Presidential Race, I am going to have to say at this point, Hilary Clinton is the attack and hide feline that slapped the canine Obama on the nose today, who had a little tantrum over it, while Clinton hid and had “her people” try to fix her stupid low blow comment. To be perfectly honest Clinton actually dealt a low punch to the stomach.

    Come on Democrats, am an Obamacan, give me something substantial to vote for other than McCain and Nader.

  12. I like the dog and cat scenario of Obama and Clinton in perspective.

    I am a Democrat and I live in Ohio. Glad to see someone else on here from Ohio. I actually support Barrack Obama. You know why? He is the only one who has any inclination to help bring about a change in the mind set of the people living on this planet. It’s not just about US it’s about being free from worry from rulers and dictators and terrorists across the planet. It’s about bringing the planet together not threaten to destroy it with nuclear missiles. It’s about saving the animals, the environment and keeping drug runners from killing our kids. It’s about the starving countries and their civil wars.

    This is the most powerful Nation on the planet, it’s time to change the course of this planet from control, hate and greed. Nickleback is right, If Everyone Cared.

  13. From where I live in Great Britain I don’t know anybody who isn’t rooting for Barrak Obama as the next U.S. President. He seems very educated and never seems to be out of control like Hilary Clinton, who does appear to always be screaming.

    Personally, I think Barrak Obama would be a wonderful and very diplomatic President. It’s what the world needs.

  14. Should Clinton actually become the Democratic canidate, which isn’t secured yet, and the way she has slandered Obama just because she was behind him in the polls, it scares me to think what dirty politics of control she would use around the world. Clinton does not have the ability to master Grace as a resolution to Peace across the Planet.

  15. My sister writes this blog and in our entire family she and I are the only ones who are Repulicans. We were both born in Arizona and I have served in the military for 4 years. At the end of the Vietnam I was stationed in Thailand for over a year and was shot and wounded. Nothing is more devastating to a family when they get news of a family member wounded in war and no other information. I don’t like war, I certainly don’t think U.S. Citizen should be sent to foreign soil to fight when only the war mongers thought it was necessary. Life isn’t based off the sanctity of war, unless that is all you care about and live for, like John McCain. It’s pretty sad the Republican Party couldn’t do a whole lot better in candidates, but obviously, they haven’t done much at all since Reagan. I live in Mississippi now, faced with the same plight as the rest of the Americans.

    My sister does a great imitation of Hillary Clinton screaming, but what she said about her was actually hysterical with a whole lot of truth, “Clinton acts like a frustrated mother who can’t get control of her children, you know, the entire U.S. population, the news media and most certainly Barrak Obama. I’m going to spank you if you don’t do what I say”. I don’t know if she’ll post that part, but it’s true, Clinton is out of control. Just think about it. I’m waiting for her to get him into a car wash and power wash him. It’s almost like watching a comedy.

  16. Why does Spritzer think he is above the law. Prostitution is illegal in this Country and regardless of his position, he needs to be prosecuted. I love women myself, but would NEVER lower myself to a prostitute and pay a woman money for sex. I happen to be a respectful man towards women and, with the exception of Hillary Clinton, a lot of women seem to have a great Spiritual Truth about a lot of things that men just don’t get. And Yes, I am an Obama supporter.

    Spritzer has mental issues and shouldn’t be in any public office of any kind.

  17. I knew Hillary Clinton was a liar and an overexaggerator from the beginning. I never liked her lying husband and I certainly don’t like her.

    She is definitely not what she claims to be.

  18. Barack Obama’s psychotic minister has absolutely nothing to do with Obama’s personal character, as opposed to Hillary Clinton, point blank lying to the public about her accomplishments that she never had. She is certainly not someone I would trust in charge of this Country.

  19. I agree with Jackson. Clinton really showed what she is capable of doing to get what she wants and point blank lied to get there. Please! How many of you out there would make a mistake of EVER forgetting you were shot at with sniper fire and having to duck to get into a car.

    She’s a liar and not someone I would trust to run the Country I live in.

    I agree with Jackson, Obama’s character was developed long before his minister came into his life.

  20. I’m 56 years old and this is the most stupid political race for president I remember. My GOD we have 3 potential candidates that the people in this Country have put forth to handle OUR Country and they are all a bunch of dunderheads.

    McCain knows nothing about running a Country or even what’s going on in this Country. He has no concept of peace on the planet. He’s a military man and his place is with the military .

    Clinton is running off of her husband and lying about herself her accomplishments and belittling others to do it.

    Obama has concept of change, but it’s based on hope. He best hope China and Russia mind their own business while he is president or he is going to have to get McCain to take over. Geez!!!

  21. Now that last comment holds a world of truth right there.

    Nice to see a lot of people commenting on here I know. I haven’t been around lately, but have talked to the celticprincess who has been a great support to me after having surgery on my knee.

    However, I agree this country needs to change it’s politics and the candidates need to get a clue this isn’t about their self interests, it’s really about the people, not only here, but on the entire planet itself. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  22. Being a well over middle aged woman, alone on Social Security from my deceased husband account, since I was a stay at home Mom, I really have nothing better to do than watch the news.

    I never liked Bill Clinton and I certainly think his wife has a mental illness over control issues.

    I will admit I am a Republican, but I certainly think John McCain has a mental illness over War. I have teenage grandchildren that are my life and love. After watching a segment on a woman whose son was killed by our own people and the military covering it up, it makes me sick to my stomach this Country has stooped this low.

    John McCain for President???? Not with my vote.

  23. Up with a baby that never sleeps, but wanted to put my 2 cents worth in on this election.

    I live in Oregon and my husband and I have been watching this race very closely. The last person we want as President is Hillary Clinton. We just can’t stand the Clintons and as democrats never have liked them. Everyone is entitled to there opinion. We are surely voting for Barack Obama in our primary and on election day.

    Personally I think Hillary Clinton is somewhat psychotic and well……. John MaCain is just a war monger who doesn’t really care that our children die. He’s not a Mom by a long shot and when our own troops are killing each other, accidently or not, and the military covered it up and lied about it, well, there is defiantly a problem with the military.

  24. It’s one of those nights I can’t sleep. Searching the internet for something interesting and finding your blog. So….celticprincess, after viewing so many of your posts and reading about a global warming post you wrote for someone else, obviously you have psychic abilities. So who will win this stupid presidential election that I really wish would end?

  25. Don’t feel like the lone stranger being up so late, Jody, but I am right in your corner of the world.

    The answer to your question, would be the candidate that has the most “GRACE” in their pursuit of the Presidency. If you really think about it, there really is only one that puts the interest of the people before the interest of themselves.

  26. Now I’m agitated over this whole thing with Bush’s comments today with the implication that Obama is nothing more than the next Hitler, in a foreign country mind you. What’s wrong with him????

    I totally disagree. I certainly think Bush is mentally ill and just needs to step down!!!!!!!! 8 & 1/2 months more of him is most likely to start a nuclear war.

    Personally, I think Hillary Clinton is just as crazy as Bush. They just have no couth what so ever. There is certainly no Grace with those two.

  27. Damn!!! At the price of gas and food, the melting ice caps, a presidential race with 2 of the most self serving candidates (and maybe some relief of Obama getting the Democratic Nomination after the Florida and Michigan ruling) that really isn’t that comfortable when Clinton has yet another tantrum over this ruling.

    My question? Why is Bush still President? We listened to all the things Bush promised running for President and believed him, yet, how far have we fallen back?

    If you people vote in McCain or Clinton you will be responsible for the doom of this Country.

  28. Congratulation Cousin!!!! You predicted both of your Presidential nominees back in January and you hit it 100%.

    I was a little nervous there for a awhile, while you just remained so calm through it all.

    We love Obama in England.

  29. I could tell you a lot of things about the Presidential Nominees and who is actually going to win, but that would take all the fun out of watching all the bantering by the News Media and candidates running.

    I will tell you this, the candidate that wins will be as Unconventional as Benjamin Franklin was standing out in a thunder storm to discover and prove electricity, which by the way, gives you the News, lights your way and runs your computer. 😉

  30. Correct me if I am wrong, but I view your comment celticprincess as meaning “what people see as a stupid move doesn’t turn out to be so stupid after all.”

  31. This Political Race for President is the most annoying I’ve ever seen. The News Media is the worst, with all their pros and cons of this Race and who they think is going to and should win. I wish the News would quit speculating on who and how we should vote . Present the facts, quit bantering over your opinion of what you thought the candidates said, get rid of the idiot arguing speculators and let me decided for myself. I am not an idiot, which is the way the News media views everyone in this Country.

  32. What does John McCain plan on doing with all the Nuclear waste from all those power plants he wants to build if he is President. Nuclear material has waste and burying it pollutes the inner structures of this planet. He is all dead set on winning wars, but just how far will he go before he gets mad enough to drop a Nuclear Bomb on Russia and starts a Nuclear War?

  33. After getting off work late and hearing all the News of the Day, including watching a recorded Closing Ceremony for the Beijing Olympics, well I approve of Obama’s pic for the Vice President. The fact this Country and World needs change and John McCain just doesn’t seem to understand the American way of life or the Country he lives in, but then again he wasn’t really born in this Country, now was he?

    My question, why do the polls show McCain ahead? I am a registered Republican, but voting for Obama. Nobody ever included me in that poll. How many other registered Republicans out there are NOT voting for McCain and have any of you Republicans been asked?

  34. Referring to your comment, Celticprincess on who will be the next President, well lets just say as a Republican myself and watching the Democratic Convention Obama just might have pulled off a Benjamin Franklin move tonight.

    Can’t wait for the the Republican Convention, but right now I am not seeing much of a change from the same ole same ole. Guess we will see.

  35. Well, just maybe I am seeing this whole election in the wrong way. After McCain picked his VP today, well, the Republicans seem excited, however, I just thought that was the Most Disturbing mentally ill choice for a VP for the Republicans they could have made. The woman has 2 years experience and should she have to replace the old fart if he dies, well at this point I would rather have my grandmother be in charge of this Country. At least my grandmother doesn’t take any lip service from people that are wrong and has no problem letting you know how stupid you are and she always ends up proving herself right with grace and dignity.

    McCain’s VP pick only showed me a revenge tactic against the enemy and slapping Hillary Clinton in the face.


    I decided today to financially support and give to OBAMA’S campaign and I am voting for Obama.

    What a waste of a Republican Party.

  36. Come on USA, get it together and vote Obama into office. Forget the Barbie Doll girl trying to be your next VP and maybe President.

    The UK is rooting for you Americans to let go of your Republican Party this time around and go for Obama. Do the world a favor. Everyone is watching you.

  37. Well at least I keep track of my teen girls, I have 4 of them. I my husband and I also know their friends and where they go and all 4 of them (I have a set of twins) know that their father and I are open enough to discuss anything and we make sure we know who they are going out with and if they both understand the repercussions of unprotected sex, babies they can’t afford and diseases that can be with them for the rest of their life or even kill them.

    How is it that Sarah Palin and her husband can’t put enough time and effort into their own children to push off the fact their own 17 year old daughter got pregnant, like that is suppose to be normal and okay in this day and time with AIDS, Herpes, Genital Warts and such. She calls herself an Evangelic? HA!

    Sometimes things just happen, but if they move into the White House, who raises those kids because it certainly won’t be their MOM or DAD. Just a question to those who take parenthood seriously, would you want your child raised by your staff while your just to busy with your political responsibilities? What becomes of her Downs Syndrome baby? Do you think Sarah Palin will have enough time as VP to give herself fully to all of her kids? I don’t.

    Who was the last President or Vice President that had 5 children raised in the White House? If you can find the answer on children raised in the White House good luck. Children don’t fit into politics until they become adults. They are not considered important, yet they are our future.

  38. Well Angie that says it all, but I doubt McCain or should I say “all about war and killing the enemy McCain” is getting elected. Didn’t Cain kill Able in the Bible, just an abstract thought on Cain as killers.

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