Wheels within Wheels

The mystery of North and South polarities.

There is a Universal harmony that extends out through time and space and conceals it’s mystery’s within our planet and each one of us on this planet. We are so synchronized within the perfection that most of us loose sight of our direction and just live day by day. My 73 year old aunt told me that she thought and thought about the meaning and reason of her life on this planet and couldn’t come up with one thing as to why she is here. The sad part is she was raised all her life with spiritualism, but has never applied it to herself or her life. It’s time to change the thought process within the world of the magnetic energy we live. Those that have lived in a daily routine of home and work are truly missing out on the mysteries and codes of their own life and its purpose.

One of the most fascinating mysteries is that of the North and South. The Northern Hemisphere has a stronger polarity (magnetic energy) than the Southern Hemisphere and work in opposite directions. Water, hurricanes and tornado’s spin in a clockwise motion in the Northern Hemisphere and a counter-clockwise motion the Southern Hemisphere. Astrologers correctly chart planets in a counter clockwise movement while the Ages move clockwise. There is a description in the Bible as Wheels within Wheels, allowing those to understand a concept of forward and reversed movement in our life. Most of us are taught these movements of the Hemisphere’s in school, but what we aren’t taught is that Universal Law, that the North will, has and does predominant over the South. When the North and the South are in opposition the North will always win or there will be a draw and no one wins. Consider the War between the States. The South lost that war that was doomed from the beginning, since our Capital was North of the conflict. Consider the thousands of Americans that died in South Korea and South Vietnam in a no win situation that was doomed from the beginning. Iraq is also north of our Capital, so it may not be a win win situation on the part of the U.S, but it will be a draw where both Countries agree to terms and the situation will neutralize.

However, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are in conflict with the Northern part of the Southern Hemisphere the Southern portion will win or it will end in a draw where no one wins. The closer you are to the magnetic Poles the more power you have over your opponent. If there is opposition between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere the Northern Hemisphere will win, as it has a stronger magnetic energy.

Personally, my house faces North and South and when my teenagers get into an argument it is usually in one of their bedrooms or the hallway that faces North. For me to resolve the argument I have to call them into the living room South of their bedroom’s and stand North of them for the discussion or it will become out of control and becomes a no win settlement where everyone is mad.

The next time you have to confront someone make sure you know which way is North and try standing North of your opponent and see what happens. You just may be surprised. 

If anyone has viewed the amazing photo’s from Nasa’s Space Gallery of Deep Space Galaxies, you will notice that Spiral Galaxies spin both clockwise and counterclockwise. There is also an interesting aspect when you view their Nebula pictures. Many of the Nebula formations look very similar to Angels with Wings, Human Faces, Wizards, Dragons, Devils and Evil Spirits. It kind of gives perspective to the Bible term “As Above, So Below.” As we view anything in space as above us. Oddly, the Ancient Celtic people built structures, like Stonehenge.  Many other tribes built structures to view more than the Solstice’s in the sky, thousands of years ago, as well as the Egyptians, Inca’s and others on this planet. It kind of makes you wonder about the ancient cave drawings of UFO’s, Space Beings, Sun’s, Planet’s, and our modern day speculation and sightings of UFO’s, as well as many monoliths that are standing across the planet Earth today. It does not even begin to cover the Major Religions and their God’s and or Goddess’s.  Are we alone in this Universe?  Think about it, but put your prejudice aside, because it isn’t a debate of right or wrong or even religious. It’s more of a possibility vs impossibility.   


18 thoughts on “Wheels within Wheels

  1. Are you happy now people over this post, then page, now it’s post again. I don’t think it looks very good, but what do I know. I’m just a Celtic Princess and this computer stuff drives me crazy. Retirement needs to shortly be in my future.

  2. Thanks Princess and your not retiring until your through, which won’t be for a while. You can’t go away we need you.

  3. Thanks for explaining the Iraq War and where it’s going, it kind of puts this planet in a better perspective.

    Shouldn’t the candidate that needs to win stay north of the one that needs to lose. Seems to me that would be Obama and Clinton. It would be interesting to know exactly where they were stationed during the debates and on primary day.

    Of course I am like many others who would rather see Obama win over the self righteous Clinton and McCain just needs to retire.

    I just wish the news media would let the people decide for themselves instead of influencing the people one way one day and turning it around the next.

  4. Oh soooooo…….cool. I came on your blog to find this in a page during and argument over energy with my brother in law, now I can leave a comment on how cool I have always thought this writing was and I have been using this north and south thing for several years since you first posted it. It’s a great piece along with the magnetic energy post.

    I didn’t request this like the others, but I’m glad they did and your reposted it. Thanks!!!

  5. Dang Jackson I hope you were standing North of your brother-in-law when you had this argument.

    Thanks Princess, Jennifer and I use this at work all the time and it does work.

  6. Leave it to Tank to stay up until midnight just to be the first. Are you still chasing her Tank?

    Happy Birthday Princess;)

  7. Figures Tank. You just don’t know when to quit after all these years.

    Happy Birthday Princess, I hope it is good one!

    BTW, where has Silvia been Tank?

  8. Now don’t you be worrying where I have been. I’m still here. Your not getting rid of me yet. Miss Princess has been kind enough to be helping me with a little spiritual healing practices for that arthritis problem. I must say she knows her stuff and I am more mobile with a lot less pain now than I have have been in years. I got rid of all those doctor perscriptions.

    Happy Birthday Miss Celtic Princess and thank you very much again.

  9. Yikes!!! I’ve been told the South lost because we ran out of bullets… Oh well I suppose if the South is going to rise again we had better do it in the North next time. Good idea not to start any crapo with Canada either. Makes more sense than Iraq, lot closer so we would not have to fly so far to drop our arsenal… And they have a lot of oil too, soon as all that nasty ice melts maybe more. Besides they speak English (most of the time). And when things start to really heat up Newfoundland is likely to become the next Rivera… Remember location, location, location … Lets see if that North South thingy works with Carolina in the NCAA March Madness:)
    Go Tar Heels!

    Speaking of March, by gosh HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. Princess!

  10. I have hunted for this post for months and finally found it last week. Haven’t been around much since my wife died, but still look at your website occasionally. I was trying to make a point to a friend on energy. It looked different last week, so what did you do? Not that I know anything about blogs, just haven’t talked to you in so long and just a little depressed right now.

    BTW, April Fools Day;)!!!!!!

    I am really happy and just remarried to the coolest woman.

  11. WOW…….. Very powerful post. Made me think twice about where I am standing when I have to talk to someone I can’t really stand. It’s weird to me, but it actually works.

  12. I tried this the other day with an employee with an attitude. I was amazed, as were the rest of my employees, that I got this employee under control. I wanted to fire her originally, but she doesn’t give me any lip service anymore and she is actually doing her job better than she ever has.

  13. Just to let everyone know, I use this all the time now, especially with my business and mostly with my employees. It works every time . I love this and nobody gives me any lip service anymore.

  14. When I first read this I didn’t believe it and blew it off, but a controlling know it all co-worker of mine started an argument with me last Wednesday that was really stupid and pointless, but for some reason what you wrote here hit my mind like a lightening flash. I said nothing back to him right away, but checked which way I was standing. I casually moved to the North of him and I was so surprised over his reaction to what I had to say to him, for the first time I left him totally speechless. He avoids me like the plague now and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for the info you posted. It really works.

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