Child Abuse, Parent Abuse, Anger Management

l, like everyone, have things going on in their life, but I seem to always have more things happening than most, of course, because I was taught as a child to pay attention to everything going on around me. I am not going to discuss in detail, the psychic ability of Clairaudience. (Psychic ability to hear) That would be up to everyone else to decide their path in this life time. However, I have been prompted by my deceased grandmother, for whatever her reason, to discuss Child Abuse.  Right now my grandmother is pushing me to bring this up again, since my post on “Save the Children”.  

This started on her, “living, birthday” on April,22, 2008.  She was born on April 22, 1907.  The following excerpt comes from the internet, I suppose to prove a point on her part. Her name was Opal Davis.  She is in the National Archives in Washington for her work, along with Kitty Baldwin who founded the Arizona Blood Bank in 1943.  

She, also, was an extreme advocate and volunteer of the Child Crisis Nursery and Hotline, in Arizona and worked the Child Crisis Hotline for many years. If you happened to call her while she was working the Hotline she would cut you off, as their was no Caller ID at that time. Oddly, she mostly got calls from “parents” whose children were abusing them, which was the lack of parent discipline and rules for their children that they could follow through with every day.

Sometimes parents just don’t know when to say NO and mean it or follow through with it when their kid is totally out of control.  As a parent with kids, you have to follow through with the rules, but NEVER make the rules on your part abusive or out of line. Set limits and stick to them.

My Grandmother was raised in the Ancient Celtic Spiritualism, but became a Christian after her youngest sister died from Scarlet Fever at 9 years old. Then following that path, an Ordained Minister in 1973. She used both worlds of religion and spiritualism to get her point across. She even had me go to the Crisis Nursery to hold, coddle, and rub the babies backs and tummies to sooth them when they were crying, which oddly led me into learning and teaching sign language and lip reading to deaf pre-school children, when I was in College, whose parents were at a loss on communication skills with their disabled child.

I am thankful for those teachings because it has prepared me for my youngest child, that I swear is from the planet Zoldor and unlike anyone else I have encountered in all of my years on this planet.

Sixty Five years ago… (From the Internet)

“In 1943, wartime canteen volunteers Katherine (Kitty) Baldwin and Opal Davis founded Blood Systems”, (in Arizona.)

These two women, exhibiting an unusual blend of pragmatism, ingenuity and foresight, recognized the need for blood among soldiers at war and a concurrent need for a dependable supply of blood among hospitals in the Phoenix area.”

My Grandmother made damn sure I gave blood on a regular basis.

My point on this!!!!!!  If you feel the need to take your frustration out on your child, DON’T. Check your Anger!  Put a lock on your bedroom door, go to your room, lock it, punch a pillow and scream and shout into your pillow instead, then give yourself time to settle your anger and rationalize that you too were probably the product of your own parents abuse.

Worse case scenario seek help for your anger and/or find an outlet other than your kids for your anger. They are NOT responsible for your temper and lack of control over your emotions.

SAVE THE CHILDREN!  We can never find a resolution for Global Warming on this planet, without the help of our children and future generations, that start with Love, Respect and Grace for our Children and Our Planet.




8 thoughts on “Child Abuse, Parent Abuse, Anger Management

  1. There is absolutely no excuse for child abuse. I run a group home for boys in New Mexico. Everyone of them is a victim of child abuse, which turns children into adult abusers of their own kids.

    Anger management should be required in public and private schools as well as counseling in that area for expecting parents.

    Thank you Princess for bringing this out into the open again and those people in the FLDS commune in Texas should be punished for any child abuse instilled on their children. Everyone of them needs extended counseling and any man who sexually abuses a minor female, especially their own daughter needs to be put in prison.

  2. I have to admit I know all to well what it is like to be abused. My husband was a mean alcoholic and had know problem beating me and his children when he was drunk. On the other hand he was a product of his own father who abused him. It was very difficult to protect my children from his abuse because he became more abusive to me and he never wanted me to have friends.

    Getting away from him was almost as difficult as taking his punishment. I lived in a small town in the Northwest and they just didn’t have help centers. The courts made it worse as he portrayed himself as a model citizen caring and giving to the community. He had my own family completely snowed, until he broke two ribs in my son with a baseball bat that a neighbor witnessed and call the police that actually arrested him for the first time.

    It’s tough to get out of these situations, mostly out of fear on the part of family and friends.

    My son has anger management issues, but has finally gotten into counseling and doing much better.

    Great post!

    It’s a tough situation to go through.

  3. This certainly hits home. My mother died when I was 4. My father sexual abused me until I left at 16 to live with my grandmother. I’m 50 and its still painful memories of something that was never openly discussed or dealt with just because nobody wanted to get involved let alone talk about. It was something that was secret and swept under the rug, I am glad it is openly discussed now. I appreciate you posting this. It makes me feel better others are really concerned about our children on this planet.

    I’ve read other posts on here you have written. You strike me as someone who is a rebel against injustice and with a cause for spiritual awakening. I admire your strength. I’ll keep checking this blog. Thanks!

  4. I appreciate this post. I am an abused parent. My son has extreme anger issues and has since the day he was born. He only focuses on woman.

    I don’t know why I was blessed with this, my husband and I are docile people, but my son has always sought me out to abuse. He has always lied to his father about hitting me trying to make me look like the enemy in defense of his life. My husband knew better.

    This child is my youngest of 4. The rest of my children are girls and I really didn’t believe them when they were young that their only brother was beating them up. I suppose I thought it was a cat fight between the competitive girls.

    My son was born the way he is and my husband and I didn’t understand how this could happen to us. We were devout Catholics.

    After reading this post and many other posts here we sought out our Church. It just didn’t help at all.

    Okay, I am naive and admit it. After reading this several weeks ago my husband and I finally went to the child abuse center where we live and talked to a counselor. Boy did I learn some amazing things about abusive children and it isn’t always the parents fault. As much as it upset me, they helped my husband and me get a restraining order against him, my son is 25 now and when he showed up when my husband wasn’t home I called the police as my heart sank into despair.

    My husband came home immediately when I called him and the police arrested my son. As a mother of this child I was beside myself. I admit I really couldn’t handle this and cried for days to what I had done to my only son.

    Of course, my husband and I have spent a fortune with this child in counseling. He is better these days, but he is never allowed to come and visit me without his parole officer in attendance. It’s sad that people have to go through this extreme and type of abuse.

    Thank you for bringing this to Light.

    My husband and I have left the Catholic Church to seek out a more Spiritual practice that has been as great help to all of my family.

  5. WOW! Haven’t been here for a long time, but something kept telling me to come back, so I did. When I read this I cried after all the things I have dealt with and still dealing with, but I am beginning to see a pattern with the men I choose. Not that all men are evil , but my ex certainly was a product of child abuse and had no problem showing me HATE and Major Abuse.

    My question. When are the Judges in the Courts going to realize not all women are whining about being abused.

    In this day and time I’m still seeing a double standard where women are concerned.

  6. Thank you for posting this. I seem to have put myself in a pattern through my life of choosing abusive men that actually hate me and my children. It has taken me a long time to realize what my mother’s life of picking abusive men has done to me in picking abusive men in my life. It’s the product of our environment syndrome.

    I used to live across the street from the Celtic Princess and she has saved my butt on more than one occasion.

    When she agreed to testify in court for me after I had moved out of State into another bad relationship, she picked me up at the airport, let me stay with her, drove me Downtown, (she hates driving to airport and going Downtown and remembered details on the witness stand that I had totally forgotten about, just to save my children from ever seeing their abusive father who was very abused as a child.

    There are days I hate myself for my decisions in life and I still don’t have it all together, but I am slowly getting there and my children are safe from their extremely abusive father.

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