Global Warming and Energy

I wrote this post a couple of months ago for Psychic Reader Lucky7Star when he wanted me to do a piece on Global Warming for his Psychic News Companion Blog on WordPress. I have had quite a few people ask me to post it here as they would like to leave comments, but are not WordPress or Yahoo subscribers (Posted on my yahoo blog), who might have to be logged in to leave a comment.  

This is a critical issue for not just the survival of Arctic Animals, but the survival of plants , that supplies some of your crucial medicine, and trees that clean your air, not to leave out the the food chain, and humans. Everything is balanced by each other and here for a reason. We have no place to go when the Earth’s Ice melts and the lands become extinct.

Is tearing down the Rainforest and the incompetence of the Oil Companies worth the loss of Our Planet?

When the Pope acknowledges aliens, something is definitely amiss with Our Societies and Industrial Age we humans just don’t want to seem to let go of just yet.

‘Psychic Readings
Here is an interesting piece by one of the guest writers from Doctor Buzzard’s Medicine Show… A Psychic Reading within a reading.

The Celtic Princess © April 13th, 2008  (Updated 2009 from original posting)

As we watch the Polar Ice Caps melt and the sea levels rising, we continue to read articles and listen to the news about Global Warming and somehow think it isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be and we humans are not really responsible, because it’s just the News Media, who makes everything out to be worse than it really is. Unfortunately, the News Media DOES NOT make it DRAMATIC Enough. If they would spend more time on the disastrous effects Global Warming is having on this planet Right this Minute, and a whole lot less time babbling, speculating and bantering on the candidates running for President in United States, things could change. Fortunately the News Media has the power to influence the masses of people on this planet, unfortunately they have become nothing more than a self interest group making and breaking people across this Planet as they deem fit.

This Planet has given us all we need to make it function properly. There is an abundance of Energy on this planet and throughout the Universe that spins in Cycles. History and technology have proven these spinning cycles throughout the Universe and on this planet itself, yet we seem to be ignoring the fact that our ice caps are breaking up and as they melt and move through the seas, water will begin to rise along coastal lines across the planet. Seers such as Edgar Cayce warned this planet of the rising waters back in 1941. It wasn’t taken seriously by any Government on this planet back then, yet we are now seeing the effect of melting ice caps and rising water.

Have you ever wondered why the Universes are round, our solar system is round, our planets are round and rainbows are arced (rounded). We would not have cloth today with out the spinning windmill that converted raw fiber into cloth. All of these things spin and are created out of the pull of electro-magnetic energy. Ancient tribes built monuments immolating the importance of this figure and the energy it creates.  Stonehenge is major example of ancient people’s knowledge of how important this round shape really is to our energy on this planet itself.

Is it to late to change this progression of Global Warming on Earth, possibly, however, “WE”, all people on this planet can slow it down by reducing green house gas and implementing solar, wind, and water (in a Hydrogen mixture) that creates ionization producing water vapor instead of carbon monoxide. Planting shrubs, grass and trees helps to eliminate a lot of carbon monoxide from our air. At least we can prolong and possibly prevent millions of lives and lands of being lost as water levels begin to rise in magnitude portions flooding much of the Earth.

In the mean time, it’s time the News Media takes some responsibility on helping to educate the masses across the planet, without bias, the leaders in every Country need to take heed in helping reduce the affects of Global Warming.’ 

The Industrial Age is ending and slowly, the New Age of GREEN will take over if we all do our part.  Get involved to save your Planet.  It’s the only place you have to live.


13 thoughts on “Global Warming and Energy

  1. Very interesting write for an American. Hope you American Psychics can do your best to bring this to a better light with the Government you have right now.

  2. Interesting perspective with some relative truth behind it. A scary thought indeed when you really think about it, but ignoring it won’t make it go away.

  3. You are a blessing. Your posts on magnetic energy, wheels within wheels, vortex healing, and global warming got me through the most difficult term paper of my life with a big fat A+. I don’t know you, but I love you to death.

    You certainly have an unusual perspective on things that certainly blow my mind. Dang!!

    My 2 mates posted before me, but just didn’t say enough.

  4. I agree with Doug on the prospect of WOW with what Global Warming
    is doing to this planet. No where to run, no where to hide, just like the people in China during a major Earthquake. Is this to be the outcome of our planet?

  5. An amazingly terrifying predicament we have gotten ourselves into. To bad nobody cared enough to pay that much attention to be concerned to do anything when they first knew about this horrifying annihilation of our home.

    So… where are the Aliens when you need them?

  6. Dramatic to say the least, terrifying at the magnitude of it all. The price of gas, the price of food, the melting ice caps is overwhelming. Have FAITH in your Higher Power and know, whatever belief you have, even it’s nothing at all, that the Universe works for you if you allow it.

  7. The midwest, the tornados, the flooding rain, the earthquake in Japan, the oil prices and our arrogant President……….. sums up that fact that it is right in our face.

  8. What does John McCain plan on doing with all the Nuclear waste from all those power plants he wants to build if he is President. Nuclear material has waste and burying it pollutes the inner structures of this planet. He is all dead set on winning wars, but just how far will he go before he gets mad enough to drop a Nuclear Bomb on Russia and starts a Nuclear War?

  9. Only the rich arrogant bastards are working, destroying the planet and not giving a rats ass about all those people who are still employed and financially supporting them when they haven’t enough money to buy food.

    We The People Need To Quit giving into them and stand up, bitch, complain, write letters to Big Government opposing their ethics and Vote them out of office.

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