Where’s the Motivation

This Country is getting a new President in one week and how many people are going to blame him for all the last President’s stupidity and lack of care for the people in this Country?  Not to mention all the campaign promises that the New President promised and won’t be able to deliver because of this current administration.  We are all human and every one of us makes mistakes, but the mistakes Bush made takes an all time precedence as a President of the most Powerful Country in the World, in having down right greedy, self serving people around him feeding his own ego of arrogance and incompetence.  If you really thought about it, it could make you sick to know what this Country has done to it’s very own citizens.  

The wealthy complain that in 2010 their tax breaks expire and they will have to pay higher taxes, the poor just don’t have much or any to pay, as many of them do work for cash only, most of them get State benefits.  Unfortunately, unless you understand the working of State Government, telling the truth will get you absolutely turned down for help.  Their motto, what you lied about we won’t ask about”.  

Ahhh! then there is the middle class.  What happens now that so many middle class Americans have lost their jobs, homes, vehicles and can’t buy food for their children, let alone support the Government.  So what about the middle class children?, to the arrogant adults they are inconsequential because they are not making money and paying taxes, unfortunately for them, those children are our future and their opportunities are vanishing.  Many of those children will never be able to go to College.    On the other hand many States have limited children from going to College just because of standardized testing that teachers just failed to teach in elementary education, and the lack of student loans these days. Yet Government blames the mass majority of students for not applying themselves.  I think that falls under “blame the children not the adults teaching them act.”

Selfishness, Greed and Stupidity has brought this Country to their knees.  Stand Up for Heaven Sake and take back what you have worked your whole life to accomplish.  This Country was founded off  “WE THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE” NOT “WE THE GOVERNMENT”.


8 thoughts on “Where’s the Motivation

  1. After losing my job, standing in line for hours for unemployment, applying everywhere and no one was hiring. My 401K is all but gone and my wife had her work week cut. My mother-in-law, who lives with us was the babysitter to my 3 kids. Maybe it’s a guy thing but my mother-in-law who has barely worked in her whole life got a job in a retail store. Months went by and my mother-in-law comes home and tells me there is an opening at the store where she is working. I applied for the job and got it, however, the store couldn’t have put me in the men’s department or even electronics or home theater, no that would have been common sense to move my mother-in law out of the tool department and let me work there. The store did however put me in the women’s underwear department. Had the worst headache after the first day.

    You can take away my job George Bush but you will never take away my dignity.

  2. Damn Josh! I thought I had it bad when I was laid off, but I did manage to get a job in a hardware store. It doesn’t pay much, but it’s work. We lost our house and moved into a 1 bedroom apartment with 2 kids. My girls get the bedroom and my wife and I sleep on an air mattress in the living room.

    My dad stops by on Friday night with a 12 pack of beer for me and a bottle of wine for my wife. I think he does that to get away from my mom, but we appreciate it.


  3. I was looking for something to motivate me out of my depression and I landed here. Looks like a good place to complain if you don’t mind. My ex-husband lost his job, so he says, and I get no child support anymore. I can’t feed my kids and pay all the bills on what I make. I applied for State assistance, but I was told I didn’t qualify because I have an IRA account.

    The rules in this Country suck and the news commentators can’t stop putting people on to tell you how to pay down on your credit card bills. When I can’t buy food for my kids why should I give a rats ass about credit card debt.

    I pray Obama can do at least something to help out single moms. I never had bad credit before now so I am really pissed I am sh*t out of luck right now. When is this Country going to get over the stigma of men are okay for non support and single moms get their entire life ruined? BTW, my ex still seems to be able to maintain his $300,000.00 home.

  4. I’m pissed off as hell over this Bush Administration, but I got to agree with Josh, you can take away my whole life investments, savings and job, but you will never take away my dignity as an American.

  5. WOW!!!! Obama Inaugurated today and all this hope for the future, but really can he actually deliver to keep the banks from taking our homes. Credit card interest rates are going to ungodly amounts, so I guess that means the unemployed middle class are totally screwed on their credit reports and can never help themselves for at least 7 years. Sad the credit bureaus can control our lives so much and the middle class just can’t seem to control anything about their lives right now.

  6. I listened to Obama yesterday. He sounded promising, but can I actually look forward to help as a single parent raising 3 kids after my ex-lost his job and no longer pays child support?

    Are we all suppose to struggle, be so stressed out we can’t think rationally any more?

    What has happened to this Country?

  7. My company told us a month ago there would be no lay offs and everything was fine. Today 100 people were laid off and I was one of them. Of course, they promised it would be a short lay off, but I worked for an engineering company and I am not that stupid to think it will be a short.

    Of course, my boyfriend who never wants to get married, I live with, is in advertising and he is the boss where he works and did the laying off and was happy about it. He just really has no clue how it feels to have to depend on someone who swears he loves you, but will never commit to it.

  8. I am left with no motivation. I understand that the President is trying to do what he can to help those who have lost their jobs and re-do their mortgages, but are Banks really going to refinance your home for a lower interest rate if you have made your mortgage payments on time, if you haven’t been able to keep up with your other bills and your credit report is a disaster now. Is this refinance just for those perfect people who managed to get by with minimum payments.

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