What Does Laughing Have To Do With Anything

There aren’t many people in this Country that find anything amusing these days.  Many people who were once middle to upper middle class are unemployed, have lost or are losing their homes and can’t feed their children.  Take heart it’s not just this Country suffering lack of jobs and loss of property.  My cousin is going through pretty much the same thing in England right now.


My father used to say no mater how bad things get, it could be worse.  He was right with that statement and I am going to tell you why.   There is a neighbor that lives down the street and around the corner from me.  He lost his job and medical insurance because he couldn’t afford to pay the medical insurance premiums through Cobra.  His wife worked, but their main income was gone.  They lived off of their savings and credit cards, trying to hang on until things got better, but it only got worse.  Eight weeks ago he had an electrical short in the wiring in his attic and it caught fire to his house. He got his family out and the fire department was called by a neighbor.  


This man was so stressed over everything going on a few days later he suffered a heart attack and the paramedics had to be called.  He was unconscious and they had to shock him to resuscitate him.  He woke up in the hospital the next day.  His wife visited him everyday and on the 5th day of his hospital stay, when he was feeling somewhat better, she reminded him that they were now over $200,000.00 in debt with no medical insurance and he was unemployed. His wife told me a few days ago, when I bumped into her at the store, that after she reminded him of how bad their finances were he started to laugh until he was hysterically laughing.  His wife thought he had literally lost his mind and buzzed for the nurse, who got the staff doctor in to see him immediately because he couldn’t wouldn’t stop laughing hysterically.  


Take “Heart”  the doctor told him the more laughing and physical exercise you do the more anxiety you release and the stress starts to subside helping you to focus better on new opportunities.  He also suggested a pet, to which, if you really love your pet, they help to absorb negative energy from the humans they love, which is why when you get depressed or agitated your pet seems to either sympathize or pull your attitude and you don’t know why.


Yesterday, my neighbor, his wife and their new puppy were walking down the street in front of my house.  Their homeowners insurance company still has not settled on fixing their roof and that have plastic sheets covering the wholes.  My next door neighbor was in her front yard that is fenced talking to my daughter that was in her yard.  My daughter had on backless shoes and she got so excited to see this puppy she went to step back and caught her shoe on the driveway and fell flat on her butt.   Ya just couldn’t help but laugh hysterically.   (all she ended up with was bruised ego and highly embarrassed)


By the way, my neighbor’s family and friends have financially help them reduce their debt, but they are still struggling, as so many people are.  Take a stress break and laugh.


So……. what tickles your funny bone?


13 thoughts on “What Does Laughing Have To Do With Anything

  1. Life is rather depressing these days. It’s not just the lack of money and the increase in the cost of living and a ruined credit report for the next 7 years.

    My husband and I are middle aged. We’ve been married for 31 years. He was tall, thin and handsome when we got married. I was laying in bed thinking about what attracted me to him in the first place. He was in the shower and I was thinking back to the beginning of our relationship. Then he walked into the bedroom and I busted out hysterically laughing over how old we look and act these days. I couldn’t stop laughing, he thought I was nuts, so I came out to get on the computer. I was actually reading another post you wrote that I came across on the internet when I saw this post. Classic!

    Thanks for making me laugh it made me appreciate my middle aged husband more.

  2. What tickled my funny bone was my husband taking my 3 1/2 year old son to get a milkshake. When they came home my husband went out to mow the lawn and my son went outside to watch him. The lawn mower wouldn’t start and my husband got down on his knees trying to find the spark plug. My 3 year old ran over to get his dad to put the lid back on his milkshake cup but I knew what my son was going to do when my husband didn’t acknowledge him and I opened the door and stepped into the yard, but before I could get to my son he dumped the rest of his milkshake over his dad’s head.

    I fell into the yard hysterically laughing and am still laughing over it. Every time I picture the look on my husbands face I get hysterical over him getting hit with that milkshake. It was a great stress relief after the week and I had everyone laughing hysterically at work on Monday over me getting hysterical just trying to tell the story.

  3. I for one will admit my husband and I have been depressed over finances lately. I stumbled on this post looking for something to cheer me up. I felt myself smiling over some of your posts that you had written. Then I came across your post on Back to School Shopping having 3 kids of my own . I found myself quietly laughing. My cranky husband walked by me and wanted to know in his sneer what I could possibly think was so funny. I decided to read that post to him out loud and suddenly I became hysterical. The more I laughed the meaner he looked which made me laugh more. I kept visualizing your mother and knew I had been there with my mother. Finally my husband broke a smile when he thought of something his own mother did he thought was funny. The more he laughed the harder I laughed and we sat for 2 hours telling funny and stupid things that our families has done over the years. Sure made me feel better, but my husband will be back to his snarly attitude when he gets up tomorrow to go to work, sure glad I’m on vacation this week and I am certainly going to try to make someone else laugh tomorrow. It certainly releases a whole lot of stress and gives you a better perspective of things.

  4. I certainly haven’t had anything to laugh about right now. The news is enough to make you want to strangle some idiot politician in Washington. I can’t visualize a thousand dollars right now let alone a trillion.

    My husband came home looking for dinner. I had nothing to fix and asked him what kind of money he could up with for dinner. He handed me $10.00 and told me to get him a 6 pack beer while I was grocery shopping. Nothing like eating Hamburger Helper with no hamburger in it for dinner.

    In the mean time my son had spilled a little water in the kitchen floor. My son stepped over to get a paper towel to wipe it up my husband stepped in it and did the splits has he was falling. My son and I never laughed so hard in our whole life. That will teach him to make us eat Hamburger Helper with no hamburger.

  5. Ahhh! Bea… so glad to see you these days. Being a man myself I do get told quite often, by my wife, just how stupid and sometimes annoying I can be, especially from my wife during football season. Hey I am the first to admit it, but you gotta love an annoyed wife, especially when you just do something spectacular for them they don’t expect. I love my wife because she puts up with my stupidity and makes truthful comments over my stupidity. (mostly in her sarcastic tone that I just ignore and carry on with my stupid nature.) Thanks Bea for making sure all men know about it and their wives will continue to reiterate it forever into their husbands stupid brains.

  6. I have been so depressed over everything going on around me after losing my job. I couldn’t sleep so I thought about looking for something on the internet to make me laugh and feel better. Well this post and these comments did it. You just got to love women for their take on men.

  7. Hey Neil, that’s the reason God created woman, just to make men look really stupid. Once a woman does that in public she gets this pleased look on her face. That’s when you look around and see all these other woman with men who have the same look.

  8. Just passing by, but thought I should share my view. I’m an idiot in the mind of my wife and kids. It doesn’t matter how hard I work to support them, my wife truly does work harder. She works a full time job, finds time to clean the house, do everyones laundry, attends parent teacher conferences, tends to the dogs, grocery shops and cooks dinner and cleans up the mess. I work an 8 hour a day job 5 days a week. She works 7 days a week and doesn’t get paid for more than half of what she does and never complains about it. Personally, I don’t even know how to run the washer and dryer and would be totally lost on what to do if one of my kids got sick.

    Women, you just have to appreciate them for all they are.

  9. Men are stupid when they come up against a smart ass women. I have a female secretary who majored in smart ass comments. Women have a way of remembering little details men don’t and you one day realize they really do know more than men.

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