Should All Illegal Drugs Be Legalized

If I didn’t live in Arizona and my late husband didn’t die because of the stupidity of himself and the arrogance of the drug runners from Mexico, I probably wouldn’t be so irate over  some of the Dumb-Asses in this Country pushing to legalize ALL illegal drugs.  Are these people really that ignorant to think no one is going to buy them just because they are legal?  There are 900,000 thousand teenagers selling drugs in this Country.  Are all of YOU parents really that stupid  that you just don’t have the time or even care to monitor what your own children are doing?  You brought them into this world and it is your legal right and job to know everything they are doing and the type of  people they are hanging out with.  Of course, kids never like parents telling them what to do, but how much to you really know what these drugs do to the body and the brain of a human being?  

My kids saw what crystal meth did to their father. He became mentally ill from the drug and ended his life by hanging himself, but not before he tried to kill us well over 6 times.  They live with it everyday of their life, since he committed suicide, knowing what they went through with him .  They saw and experienced things kids should never have to deal with in a lifetime. Unfortunately,  The Arizona Courts were not sympathetic and made me beg for two Orders of Protection for my kids and myself.  It was worth it, my son is an honor student and my daughter, well, she is still a bubble head, but she stays away from all kids that have anything to do with drugs, stealing and lying just to cover themselves.

I know who my kids friends are because I have that right as a parent to know everything they are doing.  

Personally, I really believe that we should have our own military controlling the American side of the border, but if you don’t live in a border state, you really couldn’t possibly understand the magnitude of the problem.  We are the highest ranked State in kid napping and illegal drug use.   It becomes just another News story that people just don’t want to hear about because it’s easier not take back control of what is going on around you.  Grow up because it will never get better until you stand up and fight for your rights as an American.  It not just the border states being affected, it has become the problem of an entire Country.


5 thoughts on “Should All Illegal Drugs Be Legalized

  1. Your right about what illegal drugs and some legal drugs do to the brain and the tissues and organs of the body. Some drugs are necessary for some people and save many lives, however over long periods of time they break down tissues in the body.

    Illegal drugs like meth amphetamines destroy body cells and can cause extreme mental illness that causes violence and insanity in the brain by destroying or altering neurons in the brain. 900,000 kids are selling drugs on the street, which has just got to mean over 1 million parents just don’t know how to get a grip their kids. They do have programs in every State for that parents, but then again those kids parents are contributing to their child’s delinquency.

  2. I’m not for legalizing any illegal drugs. I’ve seen what marijuana has done to my sisters kid. She was sick while she was pregnant so she smoked pot the whole time. Her son is 2 years behind in school and has ADHD. Are these the kind of kids we want as our future?

  3. No legalizing any illegal drugs but if they did put them under the control of the medical establishment, it might put an end to a lot of the crime… And I doubt we all become drug addicts over night… That might take a couple of days:-)

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