Buyers Beware of Insurance Companies

There are thousands of people in this Country that judge what they see in T.V. commercials to be the truth to save money on a to good to be true scheme.  At least one Insurance Company that pays millions of dollars in commercial advertising that is the biggest rip off company that you could choose.  If you are watching commercials from Progressive , who offers a multitude of Insurance BEWARE that what you hear in these commercial in not fact based. Progressive uses AUTO OWNERS INSURANCE who actually thinks every accident is YOUR fault and you need to pay for it out of your pocket.

Should you complain about their system and why they haven’t contacted you they will defiantly give you the run around until you get so frustrated you have to file a lawsuit. However, don’t expect that lawsuit to end anytime soon because they will to anything, at all costs, to avoid making a decision.

Unfortunately when my husband died I could no longer afford medical insurance.  My next door neighbor’s father was wealthy and owned a business that was given to her oldest sister. Her sister has a daughter who it a trained gymnast, who has a trampoline.  My daughter was called on New Years Day to come and babysit her 9 year old.  The mother went out drinking with her friends and the father was playing golf.  Since my daughter had taken classes with the American Red Cross and had baby-sat many times before, without any incident, I really didn’t think it was much of a problem.  My concern was a 9 year old child that was left alone, when her parents obviously thought she was unable to stay by herself after they left her alone by herself.    I took my daughter to the house.  The little girl was watching T.V. so my daughter sat down with her.  Several minutes later the father came home and told the girls to “go outside and play on the trampoline”.

When children are told by a male authority figure to go do something, they usually, don’t question the command.  The girls did exactly what they were told.  Unfortunately, the trampoline was broken and the parents knew it. My daughter broke her 2 lower leg bones in half and had to have surgery and titanium rods put in her leg. The child that lived in the house ran inside to get her father, but he had left without telling them.   The child of the house found a cell phone and called her dad.  He was at the drug store buying alcohol and snacks and told my daughter her leg wasn’t broken and to shake it off and walk it off.  After 45 minutes and 3 phones to the father he told my daughter to call her mom.  I got there before the father.  He assured me her medical bills would be covered by there insurance.

Go figure wealthy people with cheap a insurance company that don’t pay on accidents. My daughters medical bills were over $30,000.00.  I was denied State insurance because I had a retirement account that I refused to “give away”.

I filed a lawsuit and it’s been over 2 1/2 years and they refuse to even acknowledge my attorney’s final offer before going to trial.

I am just forewarning you before you make a mistake of using “AUTO OWNERS INSURANCE COMPANY”.  Find a reputable Insurance Company.


3 thoughts on “Buyers Beware of Insurance Companies

  1. Well I was thinking about going through Progressive to get my teen car insurance, but after reading this post and researching the amount of lawsuits filed on them for not paying on accidents, I wouldn’t ever get insurance with them. Thanks!

  2. I’m so glad you told me this because my husband and I have been royally ripped off on auto owners insurance. And yes Progressive uses Auto Owners Insurance company. My husband had an accident 4 years ago that wasn’t his fault and they raised our insurance premiums that after 4 years we are still paying on. It sucks.

    We finally changed to a reputable insurance company and pay 1/3 for what we were paying.

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