Happy Holidays to All

OK Lucky you got your Christmas wish I’m on here. It’s been a busy year with 2 kids and 7 rescue animals to tend after and out of Country Company who came to the desert to get warm and a day later we have a blizzard, so to speak, that came down from Colorado.  The Northern part of the State received massive snow and left kids stranded at school with no way to get home but walking.  In fact, my daughters friend had to walk home in tennis shoes.

The Valley Floor, where I live had torrential rain and ungodly wind.  I got off easy with Christmas decorations blown down, but my neighbors had massive damage and trees blown down across their property and a huge tree that crossed the main street to get to their property.  My entire neighborhood had clean up crews at their house and I was so thankful I was not one of them.

Thought my cousin was going to have a heart attack over the weather, it’s not the kind of weather she and her husband have ever seen before in their life.  It get’s cold in Great Britain but  it was nothing like what they have ever experienced before.  It’s good Karma, they lived through it and are now taking control of the 8 month old kittens who have no idea what that Christmas Tree is doing in the living room, but it looks like fun to play with and around.

Happy Holidays to all!


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