There is nothing better in this whole wide world, especially when everything that can go wrong does go wrong and you just don’t what to do about it, than to sit down, close your eyes, take a few deep breathes, and ask for Divine Order in your life. If you are patient long enough with your question, you will undoubtedly get that very light smell of roses. You may even wonder why and where the scent is coming from, but rest assured you DON’T have to be psychic to have that smell cross your path regardless of where you are or what time it is at the moment. The faint scent of roses, anywhere, anytime, anyplace are the Angels letting you know they are with you and helping you through your turmoil. The Angels want you to talk to them whenever you want and no matter how busy they are with others, they will all hear your needs and help you.

If you do this long enough, you will begin to realize, even if you can’t smell Them, the slightest changes taking place in your life when you thought it was a hopeless problem. You suddenly don’t know why you re-acted differently to something that had you so upset, but yet your reaction to the problem settled it and you are just amazed.

Please don’t TELL the Angels what you want to happen, ASK THEM, for THEIR help and they will give you the best possible solution under the circumstances that will change your life and make you happier. There are many different kinds of Angels, from Archangels, to Guardian Angels to Angels just needing someone to ask them for help . They listen to everything you are saying, regardless of their status, but you must pay attention to the subtle changes taking place in your life.

Regardless of your Religion, including the Atheists, Angels are Messengers between Earth and the Spirit World.

As for the Atheists, whatever floats your boat, but my experience with the “Atheists” is my step nephew, who was abused as a child by his biological father and abuses his own children.  He wants no-one mentioning anything of a spiritualistic nature to his children. He has been brought up on charges from CPS, but laughs it off.  His wife works 18 hours a day and doesn’t want to know what is going on or be involved in her own children’s well being.  To me proclaiming Atheist ism  is a cop out for being responsible for your own actions.  This is an adult man in his 30’s who has a 4 year old child, his youngest, that is still in diapers.

Of course, this is another story of expounding over the legal system in this Country.  I suppose this is to be continued…………………….

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