Is Global Warming a Reality

From my best friends perspective, living in Ohio during the ice storm, the Eastern portion of the United States is getting colder in the winter and more humid and weather dramatic  in the summer and from my perspective the Desert Southwest, where I live, it’s getting hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. From the Government’s perspective, based off of millions of taxpayer dollars, people breath to much emitting carbon poisons that pollute the air and have to many children to feed and diaper, too many car emissions that we pay boo coo bucks to get licensed every year, as the Government allows the cutting down of the Rain Forest to rid it of “dead growth”, while they allow the wood to be used to build cheesy homes no one can afford, yet we are funding Banks no one can get a loan in leaving our credit reports ruined, which unable us to move forward in our lives. Too many air polluting cars and earth polluting nuclear waste, not to mention the sea polluting aliens spaceships living in the oceans leaving nuclear waste.  HMMM!

Now we have been accused of being a Nation of Cowards that fight for the FREEDOM of this Country and always have, from that one Government jerk that was born and raised here. Dang, it doesn’t sound to promising for the planet as we begin the movement out of the Industrial Age.  

Everyone has an opinion, remember freedom of speech, which is a must, but not necessary for Government Officials making ignorant comments to the public.    

Things will be tuff for all U.S. Citizens for a while and the world as a whole, while other people quit believing there is no Higher Power or our Higher Power comes from aliens beings. We are in an 11 year, which is a spiritual year. You were given the Power of Choice, make good use of it, cause we may be wrong about our personal opinion’s.

For those who don’t believe in anything changing in 2012, well it may not be a perfect year, but it will get better.  I know it’s a wait, but right now you don’t have a choice.

In the mean time, stick your head out the window and scream at the top of your lungs “I m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  Then do something about it.


Global Warming and Energy

I wrote this post a couple of months ago for Psychic Reader Lucky7Star when he wanted me to do a piece on Global Warming for his Psychic News Companion Blog on WordPress. I have had quite a few people ask me to post it here as they would like to leave comments, but are not WordPress or Yahoo subscribers (Posted on my yahoo blog), who might have to be logged in to leave a comment.  

This is a critical issue for not just the survival of Arctic Animals, but the survival of plants , that supplies some of your crucial medicine, and trees that clean your air, not to leave out the the food chain, and humans. Everything is balanced by each other and here for a reason. We have no place to go when the Earth’s Ice melts and the lands become extinct.

Is tearing down the Rainforest and the incompetence of the Oil Companies worth the loss of Our Planet?

When the Pope acknowledges aliens, something is definitely amiss with Our Societies and Industrial Age we humans just don’t want to seem to let go of just yet.

‘Psychic Readings
Here is an interesting piece by one of the guest writers from Doctor Buzzard’s Medicine Show… A Psychic Reading within a reading.

The Celtic Princess © April 13th, 2008  (Updated 2009 from original posting)

As we watch the Polar Ice Caps melt and the sea levels rising, we continue to read articles and listen to the news about Global Warming and somehow think it isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be and we humans are not really responsible, because it’s just the News Media, who makes everything out to be worse than it really is. Unfortunately, the News Media DOES NOT make it DRAMATIC Enough. If they would spend more time on the disastrous effects Global Warming is having on this planet Right this Minute, and a whole lot less time babbling, speculating and bantering on the candidates running for President in United States, things could change. Fortunately the News Media has the power to influence the masses of people on this planet, unfortunately they have become nothing more than a self interest group making and breaking people across this Planet as they deem fit.

This Planet has given us all we need to make it function properly. There is an abundance of Energy on this planet and throughout the Universe that spins in Cycles. History and technology have proven these spinning cycles throughout the Universe and on this planet itself, yet we seem to be ignoring the fact that our ice caps are breaking up and as they melt and move through the seas, water will begin to rise along coastal lines across the planet. Seers such as Edgar Cayce warned this planet of the rising waters back in 1941. It wasn’t taken seriously by any Government on this planet back then, yet we are now seeing the effect of melting ice caps and rising water.

Have you ever wondered why the Universes are round, our solar system is round, our planets are round and rainbows are arced (rounded). We would not have cloth today with out the spinning windmill that converted raw fiber into cloth. All of these things spin and are created out of the pull of electro-magnetic energy. Ancient tribes built monuments immolating the importance of this figure and the energy it creates.  Stonehenge is major example of ancient people’s knowledge of how important this round shape really is to our energy on this planet itself.

Is it to late to change this progression of Global Warming on Earth, possibly, however, “WE”, all people on this planet can slow it down by reducing green house gas and implementing solar, wind, and water (in a Hydrogen mixture) that creates ionization producing water vapor instead of carbon monoxide. Planting shrubs, grass and trees helps to eliminate a lot of carbon monoxide from our air. At least we can prolong and possibly prevent millions of lives and lands of being lost as water levels begin to rise in magnitude portions flooding much of the Earth.

In the mean time, it’s time the News Media takes some responsibility on helping to educate the masses across the planet, without bias, the leaders in every Country need to take heed in helping reduce the affects of Global Warming.’ 

The Industrial Age is ending and slowly, the New Age of GREEN will take over if we all do our part.  Get involved to save your Planet.  It’s the only place you have to live.

Wheels within Wheels

The mystery of North and South polarities.

There is a Universal harmony that extends out through time and space and conceals it’s mystery’s within our planet and each one of us on this planet. We are so synchronized within the perfection that most of us loose sight of our direction and just live day by day. My 73 year old aunt told me that she thought and thought about the meaning and reason of her life on this planet and couldn’t come up with one thing as to why she is here. The sad part is she was raised all her life with spiritualism, but has never applied it to herself or her life. It’s time to change the thought process within the world of the magnetic energy we live. Those that have lived in a daily routine of home and work are truly missing out on the mysteries and codes of their own life and its purpose.

One of the most fascinating mysteries is that of the North and South. The Northern Hemisphere has a stronger polarity (magnetic energy) than the Southern Hemisphere and work in opposite directions. Water, hurricanes and tornado’s spin in a clockwise motion in the Northern Hemisphere and a counter-clockwise motion the Southern Hemisphere. Astrologers correctly chart planets in a counter clockwise movement while the Ages move clockwise. There is a description in the Bible as Wheels within Wheels, allowing those to understand a concept of forward and reversed movement in our life. Most of us are taught these movements of the Hemisphere’s in school, but what we aren’t taught is that Universal Law, that the North will, has and does predominant over the South. When the North and the South are in opposition the North will always win or there will be a draw and no one wins. Consider the War between the States. The South lost that war that was doomed from the beginning, since our Capital was North of the conflict. Consider the thousands of Americans that died in South Korea and South Vietnam in a no win situation that was doomed from the beginning. Iraq is also north of our Capital, so it may not be a win win situation on the part of the U.S, but it will be a draw where both Countries agree to terms and the situation will neutralize.

However, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are in conflict with the Northern part of the Southern Hemisphere the Southern portion will win or it will end in a draw where no one wins. The closer you are to the magnetic Poles the more power you have over your opponent. If there is opposition between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere the Northern Hemisphere will win, as it has a stronger magnetic energy.

Personally, my house faces North and South and when my teenagers get into an argument it is usually in one of their bedrooms or the hallway that faces North. For me to resolve the argument I have to call them into the living room South of their bedroom’s and stand North of them for the discussion or it will become out of control and becomes a no win settlement where everyone is mad.

The next time you have to confront someone make sure you know which way is North and try standing North of your opponent and see what happens. You just may be surprised. 

If anyone has viewed the amazing photo’s from Nasa’s Space Gallery of Deep Space Galaxies, you will notice that Spiral Galaxies spin both clockwise and counterclockwise. There is also an interesting aspect when you view their Nebula pictures. Many of the Nebula formations look very similar to Angels with Wings, Human Faces, Wizards, Dragons, Devils and Evil Spirits. It kind of gives perspective to the Bible term “As Above, So Below.” As we view anything in space as above us. Oddly, the Ancient Celtic people built structures, like Stonehenge.  Many other tribes built structures to view more than the Solstice’s in the sky, thousands of years ago, as well as the Egyptians, Inca’s and others on this planet. It kind of makes you wonder about the ancient cave drawings of UFO’s, Space Beings, Sun’s, Planet’s, and our modern day speculation and sightings of UFO’s, as well as many monoliths that are standing across the planet Earth today. It does not even begin to cover the Major Religions and their God’s and or Goddess’s.  Are we alone in this Universe?  Think about it, but put your prejudice aside, because it isn’t a debate of right or wrong or even religious. It’s more of a possibility vs impossibility.   

It Never Rains, But It Pours

Actually, I could make this statement about the monsoon weather in Phoenix during the last 2 weeks, but after my snide next door neighbor made a comment to my daughter at how awful my trees and rosebushes looked, that froze in the snow this last winter and then some of them burned to death this summer. I took the tree thing with a grain of salt, since my trees in the front yard that froze have re-bloomed, but I was a little irritated over the 3 trees between our properties. They actually belong to her, however, I’m sure I am at fault for this, because somewhere on my ass I am sure I have a tattoo that says so, but she had her block fence put up prior to me moving into my house, but illegally took a foot of my property and 3 feet of her other next door neighbors property, because she wanted a bigger backyard. She decided this year to have a fence put up around her front yard. Both of her next door neighbors insisted she have the property line marked. Her trees, between our property were in the way of her new fence so she had the fence put on her property losing a foot of her property in the front, but, leaving me to take care of her trees. Two of her trees died when they froze this last winter and she told my daughter I needed to have them cut down. This comes from a middled aged woman whose roof ended up in my yard, that I had to clean up, by the way, with the last major torrential rain that flooded my neighborhood. When her father passed away a few years ago he left her a million dollars, but she wouldn’t replace her roof, even though she was mad that her bed was soaked and her living room and kitchen had a multitude of pans catching dripping water from her ceiling. I was thinking that maybe it’s just me that thought she was stupid.

After listening to a multitude of people tell me about their personal drama over the last week, I wanted to smack them all when I got home from work, to find water running onto my driveway out of the wall from my laundry room. My water heater decided it was time to go to water heater Heaven and left me with the mess of the burial, in a 114 degree humid weather. I’m not so sure about everyone else on the planet, but I am really not enjoying this Global Warming thing right now, from snow and freezing temperatures in the winter to intense humid heat in the summer. This is the dry desert, what is up with that? A 114 degrees in June doesn’t even hold a candle to the feeling of 114 degrees in August when you walk outside and feel gills growing on your neck. I am having a hard time breathing water for air right about now.

Oh, and that dead smelly water heater sitting on my back porch, with the rest of the fallen accoutrement’s from my house this summer, well gee, I keep being told it’s going to the city dump, but if they don’t take it soon, by the end of the summer my whole house will be in that pile. Nobody wants to load it and drive it 20 miles away to unload it in the heat. I don’t blame them, I just don’t want to be part of that pile when it’s cool enough to go.

There are 3 consolations to all of this, at least my house is block, my laundry room is 1954 concrete stucco, and my roof doesn’t leak.

Music Moves the Soul

Today was the concert for Live Earth. Tens of millions of people participated and watched these concerts from around this entire planet. The controversy over whether Global Warming is a man made industrial problem or a natural occurrence of this planet will rage on for hundreds of years to come.Being raised by my die hard Celtic Great Grandparents and Grandparents I am going to give you the Lessons I learned about this planet as a child. I am translating from Breton, Welsh and Gaelic to English from my Great Grandparents notes:

“The main source of life on this planet comes from the planet itself. Humans do not always perceive the repercussions of their actions on others on an everyday basis, which disrupts the natural energy flow of life itself. To believe in the Spirit is to believe that the creation of all things living on this planet came from the Source for all living things. Depending on the Ages this Universe endures, this planet will experience rapid changes of control from one Age to the next. There will be Queens, Kings, Astronomers, Astrologers, Seers, Religions and Fanatics vying for control of the Life of others and a Planet they couldn’t possibly handle without destroying it in the end. The souls created through Energy from the Light, of what Humans perceive is Above. That Light surrounds the entire structures of the Solar Systems from the ground we stand on and far beyond our imaginations. Our souls become arrogant, self centered, self righteous and extremely greedy, but we do not create us as a single unit of ONE WITH THE CREATOR OF US until we move past the destruction of our very own Souls and except LOVE, meaning we have EVOLVED to the MUSIC OF THE SOUL.”

Written history provides the clue to our ancestors that took years to pass news from one town to another. By the time it reached small towns the information was obsolete, but people acted upon it and wars continued after the fact. Minstrels were hired by the Courts to move from one town to another to sing the news of the lands. Thank your Higher Power that we actually made progress as humans and Samuel Morse was born, who invented the telegraph in the 1800’s thousands of years later.

Music has an emotional effect on humans, (I could go on about the effect of Note Sounds to the human ears, but I won’t) and everyone who attended or watched Live Earth was probably moved by what they heard from their favorite artists that took the time to perform. Changing this Planet requires Your effort in changing yourself. Stop your Greed, Control and Madness. Live long and prosper from what you will accept in others and certainly what you will not accept in others or yourself.

Take the Live Earth Pledge

Magnetic Energy

  • The magnetic field surrounding the planet Earth is not really something we notice or talk about on a daily basis. It is somewhat amazing how that magnetic energy influences the effect of the stones on this planet, as well as the magnetic attraction we have for other human Souls that cross our path during our lifetime. It can become most complicated in understanding all the dimensions of why, we humans do so many rituals of preparations to magnetize ourselves to attract others or why many Stones on this planet are used for different purposes. Diamonds, pearls, lodestones, greenstones, bluestones ( of Stonehenge and other sandstone monuments on the planet), birthstones, month stones and the list goes on.

This is an interesting quote from writer John Cowie, who was actually explaining Crop Circles in his article:

 “In the UK, there are more than nine hundred stone circles. In England, a remarkable straight line has been traced from St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall through Glastonbury and Avebury to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, while another runs from the north to south from the major Arbor Low stone circle in Derbyshire through Avebury and Stonehenge. Both these lines miss absolute straightness by a few hundred yards at a few points and we should not be surprised that over the centuries some land movement such as the mid-Atlantic rift could account for these particular discrepancies. It also appears that these lines extend through Scotland into the Orkney Islands and south into Brittany (France) at a time when this was one land mass.”

Oddly, the Pyramids on this planet were made mostly from a stone created by humans, somewhat like concrete is made today, but back then the durability of their concrete is much more stable and many times longer lasting than our planet makes today.Their are a whole lot of reasons of why magnetic energy actually controls the thought process of the planet Earth and how we interact with one another. Witches, Warlocks, Shamans, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians and a variety of other religions have a Concept of Truth. However, in view of the spiral galaxies, circular planets, spinning storms on these planets as well as our own all created out of the pull of magnetic energy it isn’t surprising that the ancient tribes used this spinning motion to create these energy forces in their time.

Vortex Healing

In being raised my whole life with the statement of, “You are only given what you need, the rest is up to you.” I have come to learn in all my years that what you need has absolutely nothing to do with anything material. There is a code to your life and realizing that you are responsible for deciphering that code to move you on to total spiritual happiness within yourself where everything in your life falls into place without effort, including anything material.

I was born into my family for the lessons they taught me. What you are freely given as a child, whether it was a wash tub to bathe in because the cesspool backed up, an herb or plant from the garden when you skinned your knee or a hand full of flour and a sprinkle of water to make pie crust, you will find as an adult, situations will arise and you will need to utilize information that you came here with and what you have been taught through your life.

I was taught as a child, by my Great Grandfather and Celtic Lord, Vortex Healing. Although, when I was a child we called it in the Breton language, translated to English, because none of you speak Breton, “Spinning Wheels of Light.”  It kind of goes back to that Wheels within Wheels concept through the Universe, spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise, which can be positive or negative, depending on your attitude or frame of mind.  Vortex Healing originated over 5000 years ago through the Merlin Lineage. It is a process of moving energy in a spinning motion, (like a whirlpool, tornado or hurricane), into an injury, illness, disease or life issue, even if it is karmic based, and healing it. The Chinese brought to light spinning energy fields in the body called Chakras and as the Psychic Age of Aquarius was ushered in, so the ancient healing practices came with the New Age of Enlightenment.

My first experience of using Vortex Healing for something major was when I was 12 years old and compressed a disc in my neck during P.E. in school. My Great Grandparents had passed on and my Grandmother utilized the Vortex Healing with Angels that eliminated my pain. It wasn’t until I was an adult I found, after studying color effects in your life, that using different colors in the spinning energy had different healing effects. As little as 2 years ago in using this healing method when I became ill I questioned this pleasant smell I always got, but couldn’t quite place it. Out of the blue a Psychic friend of mine asked me if it was a slight scent of roses. That was the smell and the smell of Angels around me.

All of this comes, with the coincidence of age, that my 12 year old daughter suffering her first major accident when she fell on News Years Day and broke the her tibia and fibula bones in half, in her lower leg. She had to have major surgery and rods put into her leg. She received her first major lesson on using Vortex Healing with Angels. It isn’t hard to accomplish and within minutes my daughters pain subsided and a warm feeling came into her leg. She is now utilizing this healing every time she has to move her leg. It has also helped her to pinpoint a focus, which has caused her ADHD to subside. She has been given what she needs, at the moment, for her life issues.

As for that washtub from my childhood, it certainly has come in handy getting my daughter bathed and hair shampooed with a cast on her leg. And that plant from the garden would the Aloe plant that has diminished many sunburns in the desert and soothed the nerves in her skin around her cast. As for that flour and water mix, when my daughter is well and walking on her own I have promised to show her the fine art of mixing flour and water to make her favorite food called pasta.

Remember the things you learned growing up, whether good or bad, as they will help you decipher your own codes of your life.