Health Care In This Country

I would like to share a personal story about HEALTH CARE in this Country.  I’m not trying to make your decisions, I am however, trying to understand the stupidity of Doctors who use scare tactics if you don’t have Health Care.  I’m not happy over the fact that I am a widow raising to 2 teenage children on my own.  My husband, who was the main bread winner, died leaving me his debt that I am obligated to pay.  I was given no choice.  I applied for health insurance after his health coverage cancelled the policy because of his death.  I applied with a Health Insurance Company, but my children and I were denied because I take thyroid medication and my children’s doctor would not release their medical history because they were minors.  I was never given the option of allowing their medical files to be released.  It’s hard to know what to do when you are confronted with a situation you have never had to handle.  I’ve grown up since then and the stress I went through with my husband’s death that took a while to get over.

In that while of growing up I kept hearing my Great Grandfather telling me as a child to “pay attention to your surroundings”.    What I found in my surroundings was arrogant self serving people who only cared about how much they used you and made in dollar signs, off of you.

3 years and 9 months ago on New Year’s day my daughter was called by a neighbor to come and babysit their 9 year old daughter.  The father of the child was playing golf and afterwards drinking at the “Counry Club”.  The mother left her child home alone while she went to the bar.  The girls were watching T.V. when the father came home and told them to go outside and play on the trampoline. What do kids do when they are told by adults to do something, they usually do it.  My daughter broke both of her lower leg bones in half.  The father had left, didn’t tell the girls and when his daughter called him he refused to come home.

My daughter laid on a trampoline for 30 minutes in pain because the father didn’t believe it actually happened when his daughter called him.  My daughter finally called me and I showed up before the father who was closer to the house than I was.  $34,ooo.00 in medical bills and a lawsuit that has taken 3 years and 9 months to settle and I lost my job staying home to take care of her for 6 weeks because there was no one else to do it. My daughter couldn’t even get to the bathroom by herself.  I was denied State benefits to cover her medical bills because I had a retirement account left to me by my husband.

I was unemployed because the economy fell and jobs were suddenly hard to come by in the state of Arizona.

Fast forward to this year in June.  My 16 year old son, an honor student, was complaining of pain in his rib cage and chest area.  His doctor requested I send him to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  He was in the hospital 6 hours on an EKG machine.  Three doctors said all he had was inflammation in his rib cage.  He was given Ibuprofen and was fine, until the Cardiologist’s office called to do another EKG.  My sons entire hospital bill was $1300.00 for 6 hours, the Cardiologist charge me $847.00 for one EKG and my son was in that room with a nurse practitioner for 10 minutes.  Several days went by before that office called and wanted to do a stress test I refused because of their prices and the nurse practitioner told me on the phone he was extremely ill and could drop dead at any moment and I would be responsible. I didn’t believe her so she had the Cardiologist call me to tell me the same thing over the phone. They gave gave him an echo gram instead and did not charge me.  They waited a week to give me the result that showed nothing.  So they re-asked for the for a tread mill test at no charge, however the bill came later, over 800.00 dollars.  Then they wanted to do an MRI for $10,ooo.oo that had to be paid up front. He didn’t get the test.

Every test my son had he was told NOT to EAT before that test.  The nurse practitioner showed me a comparison to the hospital tests and told me he was extremely ill.

I’m not that stupid, I got a second opinion by 2 doctors.  I was told to make sure he had food on his stomach before the EKG.  In the end the only thing wrong with him was he drank to much water that flushed all of his electrolytes out of his  body. He was told to drink Gator Aid and he has been fine every since then.  His EKG’s have been normal since.

My point to this blog, for those of you who want to call Government Health Care Socialized Medicine I really could care less, you can call it whatever you want.  I have dual citizenship with Ireland, however, when I was living in England I fell and broke my ankle.  I was taken to the hospital, a cast was put on and I didn’t pay a dime of money I didn’t have.  There are millions of citizens in this Country who can’t afford Health Insurance and just can’t get it because of a “pre-existing condition”.

By the way, my son was also denied State Health Care because I receive Social Security Death Benefits that the State of Arizona claims to be more than enough that is suppose to go to health insurance and a college fund.  Obviously, they haven’t checked the price of food, gas or the job market in Arizona lately and I am State Licensed in my profession.  I’m lucky to work 3 days a month.

It’s really sad that political promises  by State Officials are nothing more than promises and a bag full of lies. Be very careful of who you vote for in your State next year.


Is Global Warming a Reality

From my best friends perspective, living in Ohio during the ice storm, the Eastern portion of the United States is getting colder in the winter and more humid and weather dramatic  in the summer and from my perspective the Desert Southwest, where I live, it’s getting hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. From the Government’s perspective, based off of millions of taxpayer dollars, people breath to much emitting carbon poisons that pollute the air and have to many children to feed and diaper, too many car emissions that we pay boo coo bucks to get licensed every year, as the Government allows the cutting down of the Rain Forest to rid it of “dead growth”, while they allow the wood to be used to build cheesy homes no one can afford, yet we are funding Banks no one can get a loan in leaving our credit reports ruined, which unable us to move forward in our lives. Too many air polluting cars and earth polluting nuclear waste, not to mention the sea polluting aliens spaceships living in the oceans leaving nuclear waste.  HMMM!

Now we have been accused of being a Nation of Cowards that fight for the FREEDOM of this Country and always have, from that one Government jerk that was born and raised here. Dang, it doesn’t sound to promising for the planet as we begin the movement out of the Industrial Age.  

Everyone has an opinion, remember freedom of speech, which is a must, but not necessary for Government Officials making ignorant comments to the public.    

Things will be tuff for all U.S. Citizens for a while and the world as a whole, while other people quit believing there is no Higher Power or our Higher Power comes from aliens beings. We are in an 11 year, which is a spiritual year. You were given the Power of Choice, make good use of it, cause we may be wrong about our personal opinion’s.

For those who don’t believe in anything changing in 2012, well it may not be a perfect year, but it will get better.  I know it’s a wait, but right now you don’t have a choice.

In the mean time, stick your head out the window and scream at the top of your lungs “I m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  Then do something about it.

Where’s the Motivation

This Country is getting a new President in one week and how many people are going to blame him for all the last President’s stupidity and lack of care for the people in this Country?  Not to mention all the campaign promises that the New President promised and won’t be able to deliver because of this current administration.  We are all human and every one of us makes mistakes, but the mistakes Bush made takes an all time precedence as a President of the most Powerful Country in the World, in having down right greedy, self serving people around him feeding his own ego of arrogance and incompetence.  If you really thought about it, it could make you sick to know what this Country has done to it’s very own citizens.  

The wealthy complain that in 2010 their tax breaks expire and they will have to pay higher taxes, the poor just don’t have much or any to pay, as many of them do work for cash only, most of them get State benefits.  Unfortunately, unless you understand the working of State Government, telling the truth will get you absolutely turned down for help.  Their motto, what you lied about we won’t ask about”.  

Ahhh! then there is the middle class.  What happens now that so many middle class Americans have lost their jobs, homes, vehicles and can’t buy food for their children, let alone support the Government.  So what about the middle class children?, to the arrogant adults they are inconsequential because they are not making money and paying taxes, unfortunately for them, those children are our future and their opportunities are vanishing.  Many of those children will never be able to go to College.    On the other hand many States have limited children from going to College just because of standardized testing that teachers just failed to teach in elementary education, and the lack of student loans these days. Yet Government blames the mass majority of students for not applying themselves.  I think that falls under “blame the children not the adults teaching them act.”

Selfishness, Greed and Stupidity has brought this Country to their knees.  Stand Up for Heaven Sake and take back what you have worked your whole life to accomplish.  This Country was founded off  “WE THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE” NOT “WE THE GOVERNMENT”.

How Many People Live in the United States?

How Many People Live in the United States? It seems to be the question of this New Century. Our own Government won’t give an exact figure because they don’t care to check with the IRS and Social Security.  


How many of those citizens are legal?   You know, those non citizens, that are collecting benefits from States who just don’t give a rats ass about checking their background.  


Lets narrow this down.  The amount of illegals living here is roughly 20 to 37 million. Some of these people aren’t paying taxes yet getting food stamps, medical benefits, and their children are allowed to attend public school, in which, many classes are taught in bi-lingual (English-Spanish) languages. This language barrier does create problems for American born children, who speak English, that loose focus on the class while waiting for the illegals to get their class in Spanish.  I have 2 children that have put up with this in public school.  The Government wants these American Kids to be our future Presidents?


Another question arises.  How many French, German, Bosnian, Chinese and a multitude of other nations, who have their children in public schools, in this Country that get their teachings in their languages.  Maybe the French Quarter in New Orleans or the Chinese in San Francisco. 


The point is, this Country, speaks American English. Not British English, not Spanish or Spanglish, not French or Chinese.  


Another problem has now arisen in this Country.  The Federal Government wants to pay out 700 billion dollars to bail out the Financial Institutions.  700 BILLION DOLLARS, yet there is roughly 296 million People to 320 million people who live here.  Would it not make more sense to give everyone who legally lives here some of that money to spend to stimulate the economy, pay their debt, buy food, get medical insurance, pay for gas and have a home to live in?  You know the now low life American Citizens who actually support this Country.  Even if they just paid the American Born adults who file taxes half that amount this Country would be better off stimulating our very own Economy than the Jackasses in Washington who allow plenty of Special Interest Money that serves no purpose to the majority of the American People.  

AMERICANS, we are the ones paying this BAILOUT.  The money in this Country comes out of your pocket.  The Government doesn’t doesn’t have money, the Middle Class supports this Country.


How many of you have had their phone lines tapped?  I have, because I speak my mind.  I always thought, before this incident, that I was entitled to FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  Stupid me for not giving my attention to something I took for granted. 


WE THE PEOPLE CAN’T SAVE OURSELVES UNTIL WE SAVE OUR GOVERNMENT, which is pretty sad that the Doctrine we now live under has taken away our FREEDOM as citizens.  


It’s time to take a stand as Americans, whose benefits, benefit the illegal aliens.  I realize this Country is made up of Immigrants, but our families of the past became Citizens through proper Channels.  Amnesty of illegal aliens isn’t going to fix the problem.  It didn’t in the past and it won’t work now to save the Asses for our very own Government.


Unfortunately, we have now become the questionable laughing stock of the World.



Stonehenge Uncovered

The last time I visited Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain in England, Archeologists had “petitioned” the Government to study Stonehenge. Of course, there is always fight and it took a long time for the Government to agree to terms on allowing it to happen.

Finally, for those of you who have waited, it has been done and there is now a program on the National Geographic Channel called “Stonehenge Decoded”.

For those of you who can’t get the National Geographic Channel and are interested, Archeoligists were finally allowed to excavate the surrounding area to try to understand why Stonehenge was actually built. At this point they can’t pinpoint a time frame on how long it actually took to complete the movement of the Sarsen Stones from 25 miles away and put them in place or the exact tribes of that region in that beginning time frame Stonehenge was being built, however, they have concluded that the ancient tribes in that area built Stonehenge, not as monument, but for a ritual act of viewing the Summer and Winter Solstice. Those Tribes were Engineers.

There was more than one “Henge”, other than Stonehenge completed in that area. The Sarsen Stones that exist today were to view the Summer Solstice, however, the other “Henge” was built out of wood a few miles away that was used to view the Winter Solstice.

The difference in the two different materials used were on done purpose. The “Henges” were built for a Spiritual Ritual not only to honor life, but death as well. There were homes (a community) of those that traveled to live in that area during the two Solstice Events and many feasts accured leaving many bones and few personal treasures behind.

They did discover that an unknown tribe (possibly Egyptian) ventured upon them teaching them how to melt metals and make a casting in a stone to create adornments and arrow heads. They also found an ancient body with wounds from arrows.

The wooden Henge was built to represent human life. A life that gets old and finally dies. It viewed the Winter Solstice, as the harsh winter bringing life to a death or a dormant condition, which was a belief of many other tribes across Europe. Stonehenge was built to honor the dead and their strength of life after death.

There is much similarity in their ancient belief as there is today. It also gave a new meaning to the practice of the American Indians of the past, also speculated to have ties with the ancient Egyptians.

If your interested in ancient History and Stonehenge, it is definitely a program you don’t want to miss.

Global Warming and Energy

I wrote this post a couple of months ago for Psychic Reader Lucky7Star when he wanted me to do a piece on Global Warming for his Psychic News Companion Blog on WordPress. I have had quite a few people ask me to post it here as they would like to leave comments, but are not WordPress or Yahoo subscribers (Posted on my yahoo blog), who might have to be logged in to leave a comment.  

This is a critical issue for not just the survival of Arctic Animals, but the survival of plants , that supplies some of your crucial medicine, and trees that clean your air, not to leave out the the food chain, and humans. Everything is balanced by each other and here for a reason. We have no place to go when the Earth’s Ice melts and the lands become extinct.

Is tearing down the Rainforest and the incompetence of the Oil Companies worth the loss of Our Planet?

When the Pope acknowledges aliens, something is definitely amiss with Our Societies and Industrial Age we humans just don’t want to seem to let go of just yet.

‘Psychic Readings
Here is an interesting piece by one of the guest writers from Doctor Buzzard’s Medicine Show… A Psychic Reading within a reading.

The Celtic Princess © April 13th, 2008  (Updated 2009 from original posting)

As we watch the Polar Ice Caps melt and the sea levels rising, we continue to read articles and listen to the news about Global Warming and somehow think it isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be and we humans are not really responsible, because it’s just the News Media, who makes everything out to be worse than it really is. Unfortunately, the News Media DOES NOT make it DRAMATIC Enough. If they would spend more time on the disastrous effects Global Warming is having on this planet Right this Minute, and a whole lot less time babbling, speculating and bantering on the candidates running for President in United States, things could change. Fortunately the News Media has the power to influence the masses of people on this planet, unfortunately they have become nothing more than a self interest group making and breaking people across this Planet as they deem fit.

This Planet has given us all we need to make it function properly. There is an abundance of Energy on this planet and throughout the Universe that spins in Cycles. History and technology have proven these spinning cycles throughout the Universe and on this planet itself, yet we seem to be ignoring the fact that our ice caps are breaking up and as they melt and move through the seas, water will begin to rise along coastal lines across the planet. Seers such as Edgar Cayce warned this planet of the rising waters back in 1941. It wasn’t taken seriously by any Government on this planet back then, yet we are now seeing the effect of melting ice caps and rising water.

Have you ever wondered why the Universes are round, our solar system is round, our planets are round and rainbows are arced (rounded). We would not have cloth today with out the spinning windmill that converted raw fiber into cloth. All of these things spin and are created out of the pull of electro-magnetic energy. Ancient tribes built monuments immolating the importance of this figure and the energy it creates.  Stonehenge is major example of ancient people’s knowledge of how important this round shape really is to our energy on this planet itself.

Is it to late to change this progression of Global Warming on Earth, possibly, however, “WE”, all people on this planet can slow it down by reducing green house gas and implementing solar, wind, and water (in a Hydrogen mixture) that creates ionization producing water vapor instead of carbon monoxide. Planting shrubs, grass and trees helps to eliminate a lot of carbon monoxide from our air. At least we can prolong and possibly prevent millions of lives and lands of being lost as water levels begin to rise in magnitude portions flooding much of the Earth.

In the mean time, it’s time the News Media takes some responsibility on helping to educate the masses across the planet, without bias, the leaders in every Country need to take heed in helping reduce the affects of Global Warming.’ 

The Industrial Age is ending and slowly, the New Age of GREEN will take over if we all do our part.  Get involved to save your Planet.  It’s the only place you have to live.

Going Sixties Retro like going retro through the sixties, especially if you lived through them.However, I certainly don’t miss the fuzzy black and white T.V, and the 2 day train ride on All 3 channels every time a President died and I just happened to be home sick from school.In fact, I don’t miss driving that 1963 Chevy 2 that had no air-conditioning, power breaks, power steering or seat belts. I don’t ever have to see or talk to the snotty-uppity bitches Kay Thompson and Cindy Levison, who thought their shit didn’t stink. I don’t ever have to have Jimmy Colburn tie my shoe strings to the bottom of his desk chair during 6th grade math because he had a crush on me, that pissed my math teacher off. I don’t ever have to be called Chriss Herndon by stupid teachers that had my brother Chriss in class before me and Melvin Herndon who always seemed to be in the sameclass as me. It didn’t matter that I told them my name was Kimberley Hendon, they still called me Chriss Herndon.I don’t ever have to out run Steve Bennett , the fastest runner in the whole school, after his friend Chuck House threw a dirt clod at me, for no reason and hit me in the ankle that I had the artery severed in. Trying not to faint and finding that moment of just being totally pissed off, I picked the dirt clod up and threw it hitting Chuck House in the head. I almost put his eye out. Well, of course, I was sent to the Principals office where the School nurse, Mrs. Birmingham reprimanded me and the Principal, Mr. Townsend, informed me the male P.E. Coach, Mr. Armstrong was going to give me 3 swats. Hmmmm! Celtic Princess’s don’t get swats, especially from men. I informed him he “better” contact my father before he did that. I heard a whole lot of “Yes Sir” from the Principal in talking to my father. I was sent back to class and Chuck House was sent to the Principal.I don’t ever have to go through Dana Osborn, at 11 years old, who lived across the alley from me, tell me if she ever kissed anybody on the mouth she hoped it would be me. Yes, she is still Gay and still lives across the alley from my mother and I don’t. Did I know what Gay was at 11 years old? NO, but I never kissed Dana. It gives me chills to think about it and I like boys way better than girls. My father called them “God Damn Queers” and hated Liberace that I don’t have to watch on The Ed Sullivan show in black and white ever again.I don’t have to wear bell bottom pants that get tangled around my ankles that make you fall flat on your face in the street when you are running from your cousin who is trying to kill you with a brick because he hurt himself with the brick and was mad. I don’t have to sleep on hard plastic rollers on Saturday night so I can look stupid for Church that my Great Grandfather didn’t want me attending.I don’t have to stand out in the heat for 2 hours because my brother Chriss locked me out of the house, then got me in trouble for not doing “my chores”. And I am really happy I don’t have to listen to “She Loves You, Ya,Ya,Ya” on the radio every 15 minutes.I never really cared who the one arm man was the Fugitive was looking for Or for Perry Mason, who is the only lawyer on the planet that won every court trial.And I don’t ever have to walk out on the driveway to my oldest Teenager brother and his grease monkey friends working their hot rods, that used my bike chain as a tire hoist, with that obnoxious smell of gunk in the air.The best part about going Retro is, it shows you where you’ve been and you are soooo happy you don’t ever have to repeat it again.