Let me first start by saying, “I don’t mind questions”, although I would prefer if you took a breath between questions. I have kids and I am a teacher with people who ask millions of questions. I know a lot, not everything, about Earth and the history of our Planet because I majored in Ancient, World and Earth history, including many areas of Earth Science (and all without the availability of computers and millions of web pages.) Of course now, I am in my glory and utilizing millions of web pages from millions of people who have one specific area, although, I still love my books. Albert Einstein is my favorite person and the one I most admire. As for my heritage, my mother is Welsh, Breton and Cherokee Indian and my father was Breton and Scots/Irish. My family came to this country during the Civil War, but it was my great grandfather who kept a major log of family history and teachings. He was a Celtic Quaker and influenced my upbringing with the ways of the Old World, which is probably why I majored in history. I have lived in Great Britain and Ireland and have traveled through much of the European Continent.

So, now that you know all about me I will tell you all I know about Faeries, well maybe not all or I would be here forever typing. The following is a list of Faeries and NO they are not limited to Ireland. Faeries and Dragons are known throughout the world. Are they real? Their legend is a legend, until you encounter one.

Gwragedd Annwn (double d in welsh has a th sound)- These are Welsh water faeries who occasionally take mortals as their husbands.
Tuatha De Danann- these were faeries, some staying in Ireland and at one time gigantic faeries, but with the presents of Christianity they diminished in size to hide in the Hollow Hills and became known as the Daoine Sidhe (shee). They love beauty and luxury and have total contempt for thrift and economy.
Ghillie DHU- are Scottish faeries who make their clothing from leaves and moss.

Leprechauns- meaning one shoe maker- and only found to work on one shoe, never a pair of shoes and they always have a pot of gold hidden somewhere. They work during the day and at night when the sun sets they become a Clurican, raiding wine cellars and taking drunken rides on the backs of sheep and Shepard dogs.

Fir Darrig- these are practical jokers with a gruesome nature.

Goblins- they are thieves and villains and companions to the dead, especially on Halloween.

Kobolds- German faeries who are mischievous and frustrate miners by undoing their work.

Wichtlein- from Southern Germany who are much the same as Kobolds, but they announce the death of a miner by tapping three times when a disaster is about to happen. They are also heard to imitate miners with pounding and digging sounds.

All faeries have something they do and someplace they are from. Each has a different goal for their world. These are Faeries, but if I typed everything about them I might as well write a book.

Coblynau (Welsh Faeries) , Dwarfs (Scandinavia and Germany), Duergar (North England), the Brown Man of Muir’s, Pixies (Cornwall, England), Will O The Wisp, Bogie, Phooka (Irish), Puck, Trows (Shetland Islands), Unseelie Court (Scottish), The Fachan (West Highlands of Scotland), Hags, Black Annis, Boales (British Isles), Jack-In-Irons, Jimmy Squarefoot, Redcap, Bean-Niche (a type of Banshee, Scotland, Ireland), Green Lady of Caerphilly and Gwyllion (Welsh Mountains) Leanan Sidhe (Isle of Man), The Kelpie, Nuckelavee (Scottish Sea Faeries), The Water Leaper (Welsh), Water Faeries (appears under different names like Glaistigs, Undines, Nixies, Lorelei, Rusalki, Naiad-es, always beautiful and enticing females without clothes and full of treachery), Shellycoat (Scottish), Urisk, (Scottish), Peg Powler, Jenny Green-teeth, (they drown children, England) and every normal mans dream, The Asrai. Selkies (seal faeries), Mermaids (Cornwall), Merrows (Irish), Brownies, Booka (male, Welsh Brownie), Fenoderee (Isle of Man), and Killmoulis.

Keep in mind, many of the beautiful females Faeries that make normal men drool are Brownies, Mermaids and especially Water Faeries.

No I did not remember all of these on my own. I am getting to old to remember everything and don’t always utilize the power of Kabbalah. I must give credit to Brian Froud and Alan Lee for their contribution to this page. They are awesome people. Thanks guys!

For those who are interested, Brian Froud has a couple of fairy posters he has designed on Art.com.


2 thoughts on “Faeries

  1. Is it possible to contact a Gwragedd Annwn today? or is this just a fantasy? Why do I ask such a silly question? Because I am medium and I can communicate with ghosts. I am very curious about this type of fairy. I have had various paranormal experiences with ghosts because I can communicate with them and tell you where there are standing.

    I don’t talk to spirits anymore because I have been cleased by a Shaman and do not want any problems.

    • It is always possible to contact any spirit in the spirit world. Faeries are generally good spirits. Many of them will touch you on your skin or play with your hair.

      It is possible to make contact even thou you have been cleansed. Energy has no bounds and cannot be taken away from anyone or anything. It can be held a bay for a while, but it depends how much energy you actually want to put into it to make it possible.

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