Fear To Change

The secret is within you. What do you really want in your life?  How far are you willing to go to get it? How much Faith do you have in achieving that goal.

It’s rather simple to attain, but are you really ready to change your life?  Once you start you can’t go back, and your comfort zone is Lost forever.  Think about it!  FEAR to Change is your biggest enemy.  Most people can’t handle that change, nor can they believe or have faith it will occur.  You must be willing and wanting something better than you have experienced before.  

Not everybody on this planet really wants to change their life.  They may think about it and hope for it, but the thought of it actually happening terrifies them to death.  Let me give you scenario that is real.

‘A friend of mine was raised poor, from divorced poor parents.  As an adult she stuggles with money to raise her child.  She is divorced from her poor husband, who ended up in jail, on getting caught stealing peoples identities.  She works a job that doesn’t pay her enough to get out of the financial burden she carries and can’t perceive anything better than how she was raised.  

She was offered a job that pays her more than she has ever made in her life, but has doubts about taking it, because it would mean that she would be higher financially than she has ever been or her parents ever were.  She has guilt issues with being financially better than her parents.  She cannot perceive or accept wealth in her life because she was never raised with wealth.  Since her divorce, she chooses men who don’t make lot of money and has a deep fear that she is just not good enough to be with someone who makes more than she does.’

If you really want more than your life has given you, you must be willing to change from what you have been offered as a child to what you really want as an adult, and are willing to go after it.


Change has happened, on this planet for millions of years.  You win if you accept it, however, you do lose if you just won’t accept it.

Don’t settle for less.

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