From dusk on All Hallows Eve to midnight of the Summer Solstice watch the Sky’s to the North (in the Northern Hemisphere) South (in the Southern hemisphere) for circular, ball shaped, fast moving objects that when close in our atmosphere look bright blue and high in the sky have an orange glowing reflection of the sun. They move fast and are most prominently seen during this time of year. Usually they move singularly in the lower atmosphere and in a group in the upper sky. Keep your eyes open, it may surprise you what you see in our own Earth sky’s. There are reasons we keep sending messages into space and the Planet Earth does not always reveal to it’s population’s what it really knows and what it’s doing in outer space. It’s that “No Panic” rule they have, which is obviously being respected by those flying the objects in our sky’s.

(Check out  answers.com  on the Phoenix Lights 2007 for  video footage of the most recent UFO’s in the desert and http://www.liveleak.com for Lights over Phoenix North East Valley April 21,2008.)

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