This is the original version of a draft I began 9 years ago.

It’s been a long six years of financial struggle, since my divorce from a man who found alcohol and drugs more important than life, love, accomplishments and happiness. I was left raising two children, by myself without any financial support from their father, who just refused to pay his support for his children’s welfare. The State, where I live, never did anything to collect his court ordered support. Last year he took his own life, leaving me in debt and my children and I nearly homeless. I had also lost my job and out of desperation took a part time job for less money, just to buy food for my children.

This was a totally new experience for me. I had never taken charity or used the Government for any means of financial support or help. I didn’t even know how. Processing information from people who spent their entire life living off the Government and never working a day in their life, made my head spin. I didn’t want to be one of them. I wanted to be an independent person in control of my life and what I had in my life. I wanted my own accomplishments just because I knew I had the power and strength to do it myself.

Being clairaudient I would go to bed at night distraught and suddenly hear a booming voice of my Great Grandfather or Grandmother telling me to just ask for what I needed at that moment. I was taught through Spiritual teachings as a child, that you are always given what you need. So, I asked, and didn’t lose my house nor did I have to go through all the commotion of trying to get help from Government benefits. Time went on and my children and I received Social Security from their fathers account and I was allowed to work part time. I wasn’t all that happy about the Government assistance, but I looked at it as getting the child support I never received from him when he was alive, as it came out of his account that he had payed into the Government when he was working.

During the next 12 months my hope was things would get financially better, but I ended up getting stuck with another $12,000.00 in medical and dental bills, that I couldn’t afford the high cost of insurance premiums on paying monthly. Medical Insurance is outrageous in this Country, but consider why. Our Government allows illegal citizen to utilize our hospitals and they don’t pay their medical bills in this Country, so the citizens of this country make up for it in insurance premiums. It affects the people who were born and raised here in an overwhelming nature, especially when you are an only parent on a limited income.

The thought of “you are only given what you need” kept crossing my mind. It took me a while to figure out that “you are only given what you need by your free will of what you really are trying to accomplish in this life for yourself. The 4 senses popped into my mind . When I was young I learned the 4 senses as Sight, Sound, Touch and Smell, but…..that has changed to Sound, Touch, Taste and Smell.

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