Where’s the Motivation

This Country is getting a new President in one week and how many people are going to blame him for all the last President’s stupidity and lack of care for the people in this Country?  Not to mention all the campaign promises that the New President promised and won’t be able to deliver because of this current administration.  We are all human and every one of us makes mistakes, but the mistakes Bush made takes an all time precedence as a President of the most Powerful Country in the World, in having down right greedy, self serving people around him feeding his own ego of arrogance and incompetence.  If you really thought about it, it could make you sick to know what this Country has done to it’s very own citizens.  

The wealthy complain that in 2010 their tax breaks expire and they will have to pay higher taxes, the poor just don’t have much or any to pay, as many of them do work for cash only, most of them get State benefits.  Unfortunately, unless you understand the working of State Government, telling the truth will get you absolutely turned down for help.  Their motto, what you lied about we won’t ask about”.  

Ahhh! then there is the middle class.  What happens now that so many middle class Americans have lost their jobs, homes, vehicles and can’t buy food for their children, let alone support the Government.  So what about the middle class children?, to the arrogant adults they are inconsequential because they are not making money and paying taxes, unfortunately for them, those children are our future and their opportunities are vanishing.  Many of those children will never be able to go to College.    On the other hand many States have limited children from going to College just because of standardized testing that teachers just failed to teach in elementary education, and the lack of student loans these days. Yet Government blames the mass majority of students for not applying themselves.  I think that falls under “blame the children not the adults teaching them act.”

Selfishness, Greed and Stupidity has brought this Country to their knees.  Stand Up for Heaven Sake and take back what you have worked your whole life to accomplish.  This Country was founded off  “WE THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE” NOT “WE THE GOVERNMENT”.


How Many People Live in the United States?

How Many People Live in the United States? It seems to be the question of this New Century. Our own Government won’t give an exact figure because they don’t care to check with the IRS and Social Security.  


How many of those citizens are legal?   You know, those non citizens, that are collecting benefits from States who just don’t give a rats ass about checking their background.  


Lets narrow this down.  The amount of illegals living here is roughly 20 to 37 million. Some of these people aren’t paying taxes yet getting food stamps, medical benefits, and their children are allowed to attend public school, in which, many classes are taught in bi-lingual (English-Spanish) languages. This language barrier does create problems for American born children, who speak English, that loose focus on the class while waiting for the illegals to get their class in Spanish.  I have 2 children that have put up with this in public school.  The Government wants these American Kids to be our future Presidents?


Another question arises.  How many French, German, Bosnian, Chinese and a multitude of other nations, who have their children in public schools, in this Country that get their teachings in their languages.  Maybe the French Quarter in New Orleans or the Chinese in San Francisco. 


The point is, this Country, speaks American English. Not British English, not Spanish or Spanglish, not French or Chinese.  


Another problem has now arisen in this Country.  The Federal Government wants to pay out 700 billion dollars to bail out the Financial Institutions.  700 BILLION DOLLARS, yet there is roughly 296 million People to 320 million people who live here.  Would it not make more sense to give everyone who legally lives here some of that money to spend to stimulate the economy, pay their debt, buy food, get medical insurance, pay for gas and have a home to live in?  You know the now low life American Citizens who actually support this Country.  Even if they just paid the American Born adults who file taxes half that amount this Country would be better off stimulating our very own Economy than the Jackasses in Washington who allow plenty of Special Interest Money that serves no purpose to the majority of the American People.  

AMERICANS, we are the ones paying this BAILOUT.  The money in this Country comes out of your pocket.  The Government doesn’t doesn’t have money, the Middle Class supports this Country.


How many of you have had their phone lines tapped?  I have, because I speak my mind.  I always thought, before this incident, that I was entitled to FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  Stupid me for not giving my attention to something I took for granted. 


WE THE PEOPLE CAN’T SAVE OURSELVES UNTIL WE SAVE OUR GOVERNMENT, which is pretty sad that the Doctrine we now live under has taken away our FREEDOM as citizens.  


It’s time to take a stand as Americans, whose benefits, benefit the illegal aliens.  I realize this Country is made up of Immigrants, but our families of the past became Citizens through proper Channels.  Amnesty of illegal aliens isn’t going to fix the problem.  It didn’t in the past and it won’t work now to save the Asses for our very own Government.


Unfortunately, we have now become the questionable laughing stock of the World.



Where do your Animals Rate in Your Own Life?

To the lot of you that have pets roaming your household, you are animal lovers.  I am no different than other animal lover people, however, when you have a 14 year old child who thinks we should own every animal on the planet, it can get a little pricey in a bad economy.  What those children don’t understand, when those pets we love so much get sick it can cost as much as a human that gets sick who doesn’t have medical insurance.  There are States that have pet insurance, but sometimes it cost more than Human Insurance.  If you can’t afford Human Insurance, then you definitely can’t afford Pet Insurance.

I’m not blaming this all on my daughter, I am just as guilty as she is, allowing myself to bring in rescue animals.  Every single animal I now have has been rescued, except for one 17 year old cat that my veterinarian gave me as a wedding gift. How can you say no to a wedding gift gracefully, even though I tried with 3 other cats I already had?  That doesn’t mention the 3 parakeets that other people caught and didn’t know what to do with, but singled me out, when they didn’t know anything about birds.  I didn’t see bird specialist written on me anywhere, but I learned fast about birds.  

What I have left is 2 tiger cat sisters that my kids and a neighbor child, that broke into an abandon house and rescued, without asking an adult prior to their burglary. (NO charges were pressed)   I hate when they don’t consult a parent and just do what they want. However, the kittens they brought home are good kitties, though, each of them looks like one of my children and they bonded with the one they look like.   

Through all of this, my daughter has brought home, hamsters, rats, and a guinea pig.  I will leave the 20 gallon fish tank out of this, that is now empty, that she left me to take care of for 4 years. It’s up for sale at the moment.

As the story goes I ended up rescuing a 4 month old Ridgeback dog, which the owner insisted I take her Pit Bull Puppy as well.  Not knowing the background of the Pit Bull and having young children I just had to refuse. I had a next door neighbor’s Pit Bull attack another neighbors German Shepherd in my front yard. The Pit Bull tried to jump my fence as puppy when my very young children were in the backyard playing. 

However, my new Ridgeback, that I was told by a Vet, was a German Shepherd mix, which wasn’t anything other than a full blooded Ridgeback after a thorough investigation with an expert. She’s an awesome dog. She has had her moments potty training as a puppy (I have tile floors, which didn’t bother me at all, but I put in a doggy door that took her less than day to use) with her wanting dominance over her family.  That doesn’t even mention her health problems she has had.  I think it’s those health problems from a pure bred dog that gets to me the most.

Right after her first birthday the protective Ridgeback, of her children, was barking at someone walking down the alley. That person in the alley threw a piece of wood, that had a nail in it, into my backyard. Unfortunately my dog stepped on that nail cutting her foot while she trying to protect her property and “her family” which caused her to get tetanus.  She lost the muscles in her head, but was put on meds and recovered.  Everything was fine, until my cousin, who worked for the Humane Society called to tell me they were putting 2 six week old  puppies down because they were over crowded and had no place for them.  I was irate over it.  I wanted to take both of them, but the Humane Society wouldn’t let me, so I had a verbal out loud tantrum, which prompted a man, who is now my friend, to take the other puppy.  They were both males and had been neglected, fed with scrapes of food from the table and had other health issues I had to pay for meds to fix on the one I took.

The people who originally owned them turned them lose on a busy street at six weeks old. A woman almost hit both of them in her car. She stopped her car and ended up taking them to the Humane Society, that was already over-crowded. Those puppies are now 2 years old and healthy and happy with their owners.  They have become family members.

The point of this post is to make others aware of the fact that taking on any animal can and will cost you money that you don’t have, those animals become your children, while you have them.  They need love and give love, they need affection and give affection, they also need to be financially supported, just like Human Children, because they are also your children.  

If you have to leave your home because of weather, don’t leave your animals behind. You are their best friend and only family.

I’ve been through trials with everyone of my animals.  I am thankful that my teenagers take on the responsibility of covering for me when I’m not home.

If you love your animals as you would your own children, then you need to beware of underground rodents that dig up your property.  Those rodents carry bacteria and other diseases, that should your pet try to kill or kill can do more harm to them than you can imagine.  

My 4 year old Ridgeback, protector of her family, could no longer stand the gofers digging in her backyard so she dug the gofer out of the ground and killed it, then left it in my daughters room as a gift. My bubble-headed daughter didn’t get it. Unfortunately my Ridgeback got a bacteria and has been on 5 medicines for the last 3 months.  It’s just as hard to see your pet suffer as you would your own child, if you really love your animals.  

It’s also hard to make your other animals understand, especially another canine who thinks of the older one as a parent.

My Ridgeback is better, but not fully recovered, as of yet.  

If you love your animals as much as you love your own kids please watch them and protect them as if they are your children.  They are actually smarter than your kids.  Humans need to pay more attention to with what is going on around them, their children, and their animals.

If you don’t love your animals as you would your own kids then you don’t need to have animals.

Americans vs Politicians

I rarely publish e-mails, but since everyone is up in arms over this Presidential Election I figured you needed food for thought, as the majority struggle and people just can’t think REALLY BIG these days after living under George Bushes Government for the last 8 years.

This came to me from a friend of mine in the News Media.

“How many zeros in a billion?

The next time you hear a politician use the
word ‘billion’ in a casual manner, think about
whether you want the ‘politicians’ spending
YOUR tax money.

A billion is a difficult number to comprehend,
but one advertising agency did a good job of
putting that figure into some perspective in
one of it’s releases.


A billion seconds ago it was 1959.


A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.


A billion hours ago our ancestors were
living in the Stone Age.


A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.


A billion dollars ago was only

8 hours and 20 minutes,

at the rate our government

is spending it.

While this thought is still fresh in our brain…

let’s take a look at New Orleans …

It’s amazing what you can learn with some simple division.

Louisiana Senator,

Mary Landrieu (D)

is presently asking Congress for


to rebuild New Orleans . Interesting number…

what does it mean?


Well… if you are one of the 484,674 residents of New Orleans

(every man, woman, and child)

you each get $516,528.


Or… if you have one of the 188,251 homes in
New Orleans , your home gets $1,329,787.


Or… if you are a family of four…

your family gets $2,066,012.

Washington, D. C

Are all your calculators broken??

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
CDL License Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax
Hunting Lic en se Tax
Inheritance Tax
Inventory Tax
IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Luxury Tax
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service charge taxes
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Tax (Truckers)
Sales Taxes
Recreational Vehicle Tax
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax
Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax Telephone State and Local
Telephone Usage Charge Tax Utility Tax
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax


Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago…
and our nation was the most prosperous in the world.

We had absolutely no national debt…

We had the largest middle class in the world…

and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

What happened?

Can you spell ‘politicians!’

And I still have to

press ‘1’

for English.

I hope this goes around the


at least a billion times”

IT’S TIME TO CHANGE ALL OF WASHINGTON, D.C. and question Mary Landrieu (D) on her request for 250 Billion Dollars.

Stonehenge Uncovered

The last time I visited Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain in England, Archeologists had “petitioned” the Government to study Stonehenge. Of course, there is always fight and it took a long time for the Government to agree to terms on allowing it to happen.

Finally, for those of you who have waited, it has been done and there is now a program on the National Geographic Channel called “Stonehenge Decoded”.

For those of you who can’t get the National Geographic Channel and are interested, Archeoligists were finally allowed to excavate the surrounding area to try to understand why Stonehenge was actually built. At this point they can’t pinpoint a time frame on how long it actually took to complete the movement of the Sarsen Stones from 25 miles away and put them in place or the exact tribes of that region in that beginning time frame Stonehenge was being built, however, they have concluded that the ancient tribes in that area built Stonehenge, not as monument, but for a ritual act of viewing the Summer and Winter Solstice. Those Tribes were Engineers.

There was more than one “Henge”, other than Stonehenge completed in that area. The Sarsen Stones that exist today were to view the Summer Solstice, however, the other “Henge” was built out of wood a few miles away that was used to view the Winter Solstice.

The difference in the two different materials used were on done purpose. The “Henges” were built for a Spiritual Ritual not only to honor life, but death as well. There were homes (a community) of those that traveled to live in that area during the two Solstice Events and many feasts accured leaving many bones and few personal treasures behind.

They did discover that an unknown tribe (possibly Egyptian) ventured upon them teaching them how to melt metals and make a casting in a stone to create adornments and arrow heads. They also found an ancient body with wounds from arrows.

The wooden Henge was built to represent human life. A life that gets old and finally dies. It viewed the Winter Solstice, as the harsh winter bringing life to a death or a dormant condition, which was a belief of many other tribes across Europe. Stonehenge was built to honor the dead and their strength of life after death.

There is much similarity in their ancient belief as there is today. It also gave a new meaning to the practice of the American Indians of the past, also speculated to have ties with the ancient Egyptians.

If your interested in ancient History and Stonehenge, it is definitely a program you don’t want to miss.

Global Warming and Energy

I wrote this post a couple of months ago for Psychic Reader Lucky7Star when he wanted me to do a piece on Global Warming for his Psychic News Companion Blog on WordPress. I have had quite a few people ask me to post it here as they would like to leave comments, but are not WordPress or Yahoo subscribers (Posted on my yahoo blog), who might have to be logged in to leave a comment.  

This is a critical issue for not just the survival of Arctic Animals, but the survival of plants , that supplies some of your crucial medicine, and trees that clean your air, not to leave out the the food chain, and humans. Everything is balanced by each other and here for a reason. We have no place to go when the Earth’s Ice melts and the lands become extinct.

Is tearing down the Rainforest and the incompetence of the Oil Companies worth the loss of Our Planet?

When the Pope acknowledges aliens, something is definitely amiss with Our Societies and Industrial Age we humans just don’t want to seem to let go of just yet.

‘Psychic Readings
Here is an interesting piece by one of the guest writers from Doctor Buzzard’s Medicine Show… A Psychic Reading within a reading.

The Celtic Princess © April 13th, 2008  (Updated 2009 from original posting)

As we watch the Polar Ice Caps melt and the sea levels rising, we continue to read articles and listen to the news about Global Warming and somehow think it isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be and we humans are not really responsible, because it’s just the News Media, who makes everything out to be worse than it really is. Unfortunately, the News Media DOES NOT make it DRAMATIC Enough. If they would spend more time on the disastrous effects Global Warming is having on this planet Right this Minute, and a whole lot less time babbling, speculating and bantering on the candidates running for President in United States, things could change. Fortunately the News Media has the power to influence the masses of people on this planet, unfortunately they have become nothing more than a self interest group making and breaking people across this Planet as they deem fit.

This Planet has given us all we need to make it function properly. There is an abundance of Energy on this planet and throughout the Universe that spins in Cycles. History and technology have proven these spinning cycles throughout the Universe and on this planet itself, yet we seem to be ignoring the fact that our ice caps are breaking up and as they melt and move through the seas, water will begin to rise along coastal lines across the planet. Seers such as Edgar Cayce warned this planet of the rising waters back in 1941. It wasn’t taken seriously by any Government on this planet back then, yet we are now seeing the effect of melting ice caps and rising water.

Have you ever wondered why the Universes are round, our solar system is round, our planets are round and rainbows are arced (rounded). We would not have cloth today with out the spinning windmill that converted raw fiber into cloth. All of these things spin and are created out of the pull of electro-magnetic energy. Ancient tribes built monuments immolating the importance of this figure and the energy it creates.  Stonehenge is major example of ancient people’s knowledge of how important this round shape really is to our energy on this planet itself.

Is it to late to change this progression of Global Warming on Earth, possibly, however, “WE”, all people on this planet can slow it down by reducing green house gas and implementing solar, wind, and water (in a Hydrogen mixture) that creates ionization producing water vapor instead of carbon monoxide. Planting shrubs, grass and trees helps to eliminate a lot of carbon monoxide from our air. At least we can prolong and possibly prevent millions of lives and lands of being lost as water levels begin to rise in magnitude portions flooding much of the Earth.

In the mean time, it’s time the News Media takes some responsibility on helping to educate the masses across the planet, without bias, the leaders in every Country need to take heed in helping reduce the affects of Global Warming.’ 

The Industrial Age is ending and slowly, the New Age of GREEN will take over if we all do our part.  Get involved to save your Planet.  It’s the only place you have to live.

Child Abuse, Parent Abuse, Anger Management

l, like everyone, have things going on in their life, but I seem to always have more things happening than most, of course, because I was taught as a child to pay attention to everything going on around me. I am not going to discuss in detail, the psychic ability of Clairaudience. (Psychic ability to hear) That would be up to everyone else to decide their path in this life time. However, I have been prompted by my deceased grandmother, for whatever her reason, to discuss Child Abuse.  Right now my grandmother is pushing me to bring this up again, since my post on “Save the Children”.  

This started on her, “living, birthday” on April,22, 2008.  She was born on April 22, 1907.  The following excerpt comes from the internet, I suppose to prove a point on her part. Her name was Opal Davis.  She is in the National Archives in Washington for her work, along with Kitty Baldwin who founded the Arizona Blood Bank in 1943.  

She, also, was an extreme advocate and volunteer of the Child Crisis Nursery and Hotline, in Arizona and worked the Child Crisis Hotline for many years. If you happened to call her while she was working the Hotline she would cut you off, as their was no Caller ID at that time. Oddly, she mostly got calls from “parents” whose children were abusing them, which was the lack of parent discipline and rules for their children that they could follow through with every day.

Sometimes parents just don’t know when to say NO and mean it or follow through with it when their kid is totally out of control.  As a parent with kids, you have to follow through with the rules, but NEVER make the rules on your part abusive or out of line. Set limits and stick to them.

My Grandmother was raised in the Ancient Celtic Spiritualism, but became a Christian after her youngest sister died from Scarlet Fever at 9 years old. Then following that path, an Ordained Minister in 1973. She used both worlds of religion and spiritualism to get her point across. She even had me go to the Crisis Nursery to hold, coddle, and rub the babies backs and tummies to sooth them when they were crying, which oddly led me into learning and teaching sign language and lip reading to deaf pre-school children, when I was in College, whose parents were at a loss on communication skills with their disabled child.

I am thankful for those teachings because it has prepared me for my youngest child, that I swear is from the planet Zoldor and unlike anyone else I have encountered in all of my years on this planet.

Sixty Five years ago… (From the Internet)

“In 1943, wartime canteen volunteers Katherine (Kitty) Baldwin and Opal Davis founded Blood Systems”, (in Arizona.)

These two women, exhibiting an unusual blend of pragmatism, ingenuity and foresight, recognized the need for blood among soldiers at war and a concurrent need for a dependable supply of blood among hospitals in the Phoenix area.”

My Grandmother made damn sure I gave blood on a regular basis.

My point on this!!!!!!  If you feel the need to take your frustration out on your child, DON’T. Check your Anger!  Put a lock on your bedroom door, go to your room, lock it, punch a pillow and scream and shout into your pillow instead, then give yourself time to settle your anger and rationalize that you too were probably the product of your own parents abuse.

Worse case scenario seek help for your anger and/or find an outlet other than your kids for your anger. They are NOT responsible for your temper and lack of control over your emotions.

SAVE THE CHILDREN!  We can never find a resolution for Global Warming on this planet, without the help of our children and future generations, that start with Love, Respect and Grace for our Children and Our Planet.