Pay Attention

This is the original version of a draft I began 10 years ago.

I was raised to pay attention to my surroundings. Even when I walked outside with my great grandfather at a very young age, the first thing he would say is “what do you hear”? To my great grandfather hearing was the most important of the senses. He used to tell me a blind person can hear the silent footsteps of someone approaching, the sound of the legs of a grasshopper as it goes by and the sound of bees making honey across the street. They could smell a flower before it opens, fruit when it is ripe enough to eat and meat that was just beginning to spoil, that killed so many people in desert when I was little. Blind people could tell you how hot or cold it was, whether someone was a bad person or dog or who just walk through the door without making a sound because they could smell them. Their other senses were heightened by their lack of sight.

It didn’t dawn on me until recently why I was clairaudient.  I was always made to listen.  I remember at the age of 4 my great grandfather telling me that if I walk outside and don’t hear a sound, then I need to worry, as the birds, bees, crickets and grasshoppers will be dead silent and the air will be still.  It was shortly after that comment I started hearing people talk to me. I was 4, I didn’t think it was abnormal. I scared my brother a lot growing up.

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