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Where do your Animals Rate in Your Own Life?

To the lot of you that have pets roaming your household, you are animal lovers.  I am no different than other animal lover people, however, when you have a 14 year old child who thinks we should own every animal on the planet, it can get a little pricey in a bad economy.  What those children don’t understand, when those pets we love so much get sick it can cost as much as a human that gets sick who doesn’t have medical insurance.  There are States that have pet insurance, but sometimes it cost more than Human Insurance.  If you can’t afford Human Insurance, then you definitely can’t afford Pet Insurance.

I’m not blaming this all on my daughter, I am just as guilty as she is, allowing myself to bring in rescue animals.  Every single animal I now have has been rescued, except for one 17 year old cat that my veterinarian gave me as a wedding gift. How can you say no to a wedding gift gracefully, even though I tried with 3 other cats I already had?  That doesn’t mention the 3 parakeets that other people caught and didn’t know what to do with, but singled me out, when they didn’t know anything about birds.  I didn’t see bird specialist written on me anywhere, but I learned fast about birds.  

What I have left is 2 tiger cat sisters that my kids and a neighbor child, that broke into an abandon house and rescued, without asking an adult prior to their burglary. (NO charges were pressed)   I hate when they don’t consult a parent and just do what they want. However, the kittens they brought home are good kitties, though, each of them looks like one of my children and they bonded with the one they look like.   

Through all of this, my daughter has brought home, hamsters, rats, and a guinea pig.  I will leave the 20 gallon fish tank out of this, that is now empty, that she left me to take care of for 4 years. It’s up for sale at the moment.

As the story goes I ended up rescuing a 4 month old Ridgeback dog, which the owner insisted I take her Pit Bull Puppy as well.  Not knowing the background of the Pit Bull and having young children I just had to refuse. I had a next door neighbor’s Pit Bull attack another neighbors German Shepherd in my front yard. The Pit Bull tried to jump my fence as puppy when my very young children were in the backyard playing. 

However, my new Ridgeback, that I was told by a Vet, was a German Shepherd mix, which wasn’t anything other than a full blooded Ridgeback after a thorough investigation with an expert. She’s an awesome dog. She has had her moments potty training as a puppy (I have tile floors, which didn’t bother me at all, but I put in a doggy door that took her less than day to use) with her wanting dominance over her family.  That doesn’t even mention her health problems she has had.  I think it’s those health problems from a pure bred dog that gets to me the most.

Right after her first birthday the protective Ridgeback, of her children, was barking at someone walking down the alley. That person in the alley threw a piece of wood, that had a nail in it, into my backyard. Unfortunately my dog stepped on that nail cutting her foot while she trying to protect her property and “her family” which caused her to get tetanus.  She lost the muscles in her head, but was put on meds and recovered.  Everything was fine, until my cousin, who worked for the Humane Society called to tell me they were putting 2 six week old  puppies down because they were over crowded and had no place for them.  I was irate over it.  I wanted to take both of them, but the Humane Society wouldn’t let me, so I had a verbal out loud tantrum, which prompted a man, who is now my friend, to take the other puppy.  They were both males and had been neglected, fed with scrapes of food from the table and had other health issues I had to pay for meds to fix on the one I took.

The people who originally owned them turned them lose on a busy street at six weeks old. A woman almost hit both of them in her car. She stopped her car and ended up taking them to the Humane Society, that was already over-crowded. Those puppies are now 2 years old and healthy and happy with their owners.  They have become family members.

The point of this post is to make others aware of the fact that taking on any animal can and will cost you money that you don’t have, those animals become your children, while you have them.  They need love and give love, they need affection and give affection, they also need to be financially supported, just like Human Children, because they are also your children.  

If you have to leave your home because of weather, don’t leave your animals behind. You are their best friend and only family.

I’ve been through trials with everyone of my animals.  I am thankful that my teenagers take on the responsibility of covering for me when I’m not home.

If you love your animals as you would your own children, then you need to beware of underground rodents that dig up your property.  Those rodents carry bacteria and other diseases, that should your pet try to kill or kill can do more harm to them than you can imagine.  

My 4 year old Ridgeback, protector of her family, could no longer stand the gofers digging in her backyard so she dug the gofer out of the ground and killed it, then left it in my daughters room as a gift. My bubble-headed daughter didn’t get it. Unfortunately my Ridgeback got a bacteria and has been on 5 medicines for the last 3 months.  It’s just as hard to see your pet suffer as you would your own child, if you really love your animals.  

It’s also hard to make your other animals understand, especially another canine who thinks of the older one as a parent.

My Ridgeback is better, but not fully recovered, as of yet.  

If you love your animals as much as you love your own kids please watch them and protect them as if they are your children.  They are actually smarter than your kids.  Humans need to pay more attention to with what is going on around them, their children, and their animals.

If you don’t love your animals as you would your own kids then you don’t need to have animals.


A Dog And Cat’s Judgement

The next time you think your dog or cat are just stupid animals that you constantly feed, water, clean up after and pay some attention too when they demand it or it suits you, think again. In 1983 I lived alone in a house I owned. I had an Australian Sheppard dog, who had epilepsy and a black tortoise shell, Persian cat, who was 16 years old. I had this feeling I was being watched by someone, but couldn’t prove it. One night I was awakened by my cat rubbing in my face and pawing me. It was totally out of character for her. I pushed her aside and went back to sleep. The next thing I knew was my dog was dancing around my bed and whining. I thought she had to go outside, but as soon as I got up, she laid down. Seconds later I was confronted by a man who had broken into my house. My dog was too ill to response physically with her disease, but never left my side, nor did my cat every leave my bed. I survived unscathed as I had 3 years of Ti Kwon Do training and the intruder left worse for wear. He turned out to a professional cat burglar/rapist the police had been looking for, for over a year and they actually got his fingerprints from my house for the first time. He was eventually caught and arrested, but it left me with terrifying nightmares and the oddest, but most Spiritual experience I had ever had.

I never forgot what my dog and cat sensed that night. Twenty-three years later I never thought I would encounter that kind of unusual animal behavior again. Several days ago I had a man contact me claiming he was looking for someone who had more knowledge than he did on Spiritualism as opposed to Religion. I never found out how he got my e-mail address, phone number or home address, but he was very convincing over his thoughts and values, claiming he was seeking more guidance on Spiritualism as opposed to Religion and his claim that he just came across me on the Internet. I was very uneasy about his initial contact with me even though he was pleasant and appeared to be seeking answers to his life. He seemed honest, but there was something I knew I was missing about all of this.

When he just showed up at my house and wanted to talk to me, I was rather annoyed, since I have 2 kids to protect, who didn’t expect any of this and the 3rd of November was my son’s birthday. I sat out in the cold on the front porch listening to him. He was very in tune with the psychic world and oddly worked for the State on putting the mentally insane into a long term facility to help them. He was appalled that not one government agency had offered his phone number in the years I dealt with the courts over my ex-husband’s extreme mental illness. He gave me a State number to call to verify he actually work for the State. I called it, in front of him and it was real and true to what he said, as it was a number to the State that I had called before looking for help. It was a State Agency that verified that he was the main person who helped put away the mentally insane, who had a record of being insane. He was a very pleasant man, full of information and annoyed over what I had to deal with, as he wasn’t aware the agency he worked for was not accessible to the public by the courts or police department.

It was getting really cold outside and I wanted to go inside. I politely asked him to leave, but he wanted to come inside to warm up before he left. I blew it off. I didn’t want him in my house. There was just something about him that bothered me, but I couldn’t quite place it. I went inside to use the bathroom, but heard my 2 year old Ridgeback dog barking in a mean tone. (Ridgeback’s are extremely protective when they don’t like someone in their space) When I came out, this man was sitting in my livingroom and my Dog was agitated over it. She wouldn’t stop.

This man kept telling me he understood dogs, but it didn’t appear my dog understood him. I sat down, not wanting a major conflict with this man in front of my kids. My daughter’s cat jumped into my lap and wouldn’t leave me alone or stop meowing at me. She finally laid down in my lap, glared at this man and flipped her tail back and forth in an agitated manner. She never left my lap the entire time this man was in my house and my dog never stopped growling or barking at him. It panicked my daughter, who refused to leave to room, even when he asked her too. She might be ADHD, but she is very psychic and was uncomfortable at the thought of leaving me alone with this man. She was smart enough to use the term “ADHA” to her advantage. Between the dog and cat and my daughter, this man left on his own accord and told me he realized that my house didn’t want him there.

My thought was “Well Duh!” Listen to your animals. They always sense more than you listen too, pay attention too or accept.