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The Political Race for President

I have always disliked getting involved in expounding over politics, because somewhere in the Presidential Elections this Country’s blood pressure goes up over the stupidity of some of these candidates, what they promise and never deliver once into office, with their undignified childish behavior for control of a Country they never seem to get a grip on, or sticking to the Constitution of the United States, especially when, that statement in the Constitution that says “BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE”! Unfortunately, “FOR THE PEOPLE”, seems to have been turned around to mean for the PRESIDENT, CONGRESS AND THE SENATE and how they benefit on their special interest of what they deem important, that has absolutely nothing to do with the citizens needs, who are paying for it, unless those citizens are sent into battle to die for our Freedom so their families can be harassed by the IRS.

The PEOPLE in this Country, for some reason, have been excluded from the Constitution at this point. You know, those low life American born creatures that work their ass off, who pay boo coo taxes, that can’t feed their children, pay their mortgage, utilities or get health insurance.

The best part is all the Devout Christians who are waiting for the Messiah to come out of the clouds and save us all. Their gonna be really surprised when it turns out to be Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, John Adams and most notably, my favortite person of that time Benjamin Franklin, all carrying a big stick to smack the American Government right up the side of the head. It doesn’t really matter to me what your religion is, your ethic background or whether you think your Queen Victoria, when you don’t even come close, as the candidates are not only acting undignified, they lack a whole lot of GRACE in their actions, which certainly doesn’t show your “FOR THE PEOPLE” only your policies that benefit your minority and your interest. Talk is cheap and as long as these candidates have been in politics you would think they could come up with something better than bantering over mistakes of the past that every Human on this Planet has made and overcome or not, by the actions of their words.

I am proud and thankful to be middle-aged raising two teenagers, as an only parent, my children’s father died 3 years ago. I was told I would never have children because of a lower back injury. My children were my blessing from Above.  As for his death, I have the illegal drug runners to thank for that, NOT. Giving Amnesty to the 12 million illegals in this Country is not except-able to me. I eventually lost my job because of the last Amnesty. The person that took my job, couldn’t speak English very well and can’t pass a State Exam to Teach in Technical School, because she can’t read English, but she can keep trying and trying forever…………………… on the other hand she is cheap labor in a profession I have worked in for 28 years.

I am a Republican and not unsure about it because every Democratic President and Governor of my State has done nothing but tax me to death since I started voting at 18 years old. I’m not that stupid, as a very white female, whose very first lesson in life was to pay attention to her surroundings and everything going on in those surroundings. Although, every American right now just looks at a lazy ass President, including the Republicans, who gets his paycheck for screwing up our lives.

The present Democratic Governor of my State, you my have heard of her, Janet Napolitano, over spent Arizona’s budget by a million dollars in 2007. Of course, that isn’t mentioned on her website, as that website, like many other politicians websites, portray them as being perfect. NOT!!!!!  The only State surplus of money, came from the profession I am in, and she took the funds to balance the State’s budget before the year ended. Unfortunately, it has left State licensed technical school teachers out of a job. That’s not to mention the ignorant and lazy teachers, who are in a classroom teaching in public school. The best, is those teachers in elementary education that have absolutely no problem swearing at students as a means of control, and their teaching what?  I can grant you that RESPECT isn’t being taught in public school in Arizona. I have two teens in public education and have two teachers trying to kiss my butt to keep me from reporting verbal abuse to the kids they are teaching.

From my personal view point as who should be President, this is how I view it, WE THE PEOPLE of this Planet are all ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE, regardless of your ethnic background, religion, creed or otherwise. There is nothing else on this Planet that comes close to our mind set. Animals live on instinct that we sometimes, as humans, forget as the highest developed animal of all. We are not always right and we are not always wrong, but if you are going to run our lives you really must develop a logic that includes everyone, not just Your majority.

Middle Class Americans suffer from financial burdens the most in this Country and always have. The poor get benefits, the rich get major tax relief.

The last thing I ever want to deal with in my life as a Middle Class American is watching my children being forced to register for “THE DRAFT” to end up being sent to a useless WAR to die. The war in Iraq isn’t over until all Americans are home and we have no need to be concerned about the fate of our loved ones in battle. However, I still have the right to bear arms, for now, and should there be a personal attack in this Country on my turf, I would fight to the death to defend it, as would my children and my neighbors.