The PS3 Manifestation vs 911

With the release of Japan’s Sony and the almighty awaited new PlayStation 3, with blue ray, on November 17th and only 200,000 to be sold in the U.S. until the next shipment in December, has caused a lot of controversy, not only with Sony, but with the way this Country has acted over a piece of electronic equipment. Those distributors and sellers, who actually bought the PS3 for the wholesale price from Sony at around $500.00 and actually obtained the PS3’s to sell, jacked up the prices so far beyond the retail price that the average American couldn’t even afford to put it on their credit card, if anyone took a credit card, let alone pay cash. Stupid Average Working Class American’s shooting and killing others who had an electrical box called a PS3. Jeez, it couldn’t be our Government’s stupidity. After all our Government claims that the Middle East attacked us on 911, yet proven evidence shows otherwise.

I probably wouldn’t even bring this up if my grandfather and father had not been pioneering pilots in this Country. Although, my grandfather had passed before 911, my father had not. His very first comment after watching 2 planes fly through the Twins Towers and watching those Towers crumble to the ground, was “I don’t give a sh*t how much gasoline was in those planes. Where those planes went through those towers, it would Not have brought them both to the ground. Those towers were imploded from with in at the bottom and in the lower floors. It was a U.S. Government act looking for a reason to go to war in the Middle East over their almighty control on the Oil.”

Seems to me as a parent of teens that the Oil in the Middle East and the Blue Ray of Asia have a controlling factor over our American Society and how we interact with each other. I’m not sure about you, but I can almost bet that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln are just about to roll over in their graves causing a major earthquake on the East Coast.

Manifesting that PS3 could have been taught to you by my 14 year old son. He wanted it so bad on the release date and was willing to use his savings account to get it, he actually got one for not more than the original price it will be sold for when it hits the stores full force next March. Not all Americans are rip off artists, but I am not so sure our U.S Government isn’t one of the biggest rip off artists on the planet and your kids are dying in a war that never should have happened over oil. Guess we seem to not have anymore intelligent people in this Country who cannot come up with a better plan for energy than oil and nuclear devastation. Where is the New Age Albert Einstein when you need him?

Maybe the U.S. Government needs to quit worrying about who the next President of Stupidity and Governemt will be and worry that this Country will still be here under control of honest Americans, wanting freedom from the control of the rest of the World. There seems to be a line drawn in the sand at this point, to Stand or Fall. I am kind of wondering which side of the line most Americans are standing on here as I don’t see anyone with enough guts to take on the challenge of a Country where they were born and raised. Are all of you that lazy that you just can’t get involved with how your tomorrow works out?

I would be willing to bet that if the Beer companies and Sports leagues got involved there would be a hell of a lot of participation from the citizens in this country.


9 thoughts on “The PS3 Manifestation vs 911

  1. All I can say on this is DAMN! I left here and looked up a whole lot of things, but got chills when I came across Conspiracy over 911. I saw a video on the Pentagon. It was in tact one minute and almost destroyed the next, but oddly there was no plane shown in the video and no plane parts found at the Pentagon after the fact. Now I am really wondering about this as I am going to have to agree, until proven otherwise that innocent Americans suffered at the hands of our U.S. Government. I don’t want to believe it, but right now I know what I saw and it made me sick to think as a Nation our Government could be that arrogant to use the lives of it’s own citizens in the name of oil. I guess our Constitutional Rights don’t mean anything anymore.

    All the SOBs need to be voted out of office.

  2. I’ve heard and read about the conspiracy theory’s. Like all other conspiracy’s it leaves you wondering if the U.S. Government would actually jepordize 1000’s of American lives for oil and a war that’s killing more Americans.

    My question is, who is the Government going to run when it has no more citizens.

  3. Looks like Japan figured they couldn’t take us out in a war so they are going to take us out with the Blue Ray. Seems to me the conspiracy here isn’t American citizens killing each other over electronics, but the U.S. Government who has that take the eyes from the American people off what were really doing and show them something so opposite to get their attention. I find it highly ridiculous that the President just happened to be reading a story to children at an elementary school while 1000’s of Americans were dying a horrible death. What better way to protect his life and make the people in this Country believe he was innocent in knowing what was really going on at that time. He may of had remorse over hearing about the planes hitting the Trade Centers, but you can bet he already knew it was going to happen.

    The repercussions of this is far reaching on the entire planet. If this was a conspiracy over oil then we are all doomed to die a hot or frigid death with the continuation of global warming. Just how many people profit from the wealthy oil companies who just aren’t willing to let go of their profits from oil. I happen to agree with the celticprincess on where is the New Age Albert Einstein, but with the balls to take on the entire oil driven planet.

  4. This is a subject that does have me fired up. I realize not everyone really cares all that much about what All the governments on this planet are doing and in this Country we are so involved in causes on a personal level that the lives of the entire world are discounted as just as important. We seem as a world to come together for short time when there is a Natural disaster, but helping on a daily basis is far fetched for most people. Handing a homeless person, begging on a corner for money, a jacket or old blanket you were going to throw away might be a start. You can only change this planet, by changing you everyday of your life.

  5. Although this is a serious blog post, I had to laugh, only because you are right about the Sports Leagues and Beer companies getting involved with a certain class of people in the world. It’s not really funny that we have to depend on Big Business to motivate it’s citizens because obviously Governments can’t do it without murdering it’s own citizens.

  6. I want to know who, in this country, is that honest to sell a kid a PS3 at this point in time for the original asking price. I paid over $3000.00 to get mine on the release date.

    Hasn’t everyone in this Country realized that since Eisenhower left office every government that has followed has taught it’s citizen to royally screw everyone else?

    I’m impressed with your son’s manifestation and his mom for teaching true principles. I’m also impressed that someone’s mom and/or dad taught their kid to grow up and be honest with others. There still might be hope for this planet yet.

  7. Dang, something must have got you all fired to write this post. I, myself, have always thought the U.S. Government had something to do with 911. It was the plane in PA that gave it away and the President conveniently being at an elementary school reading a book to kids.

    If it is ever proven, which will take an act of God, then every government and military official, including the President should be publicly executed in front of the World as they did to 1000’s of Americans.

    The U.S. Citizen’s need to clean House on Government that’s for sure.

  8. I would like to believe that our on government wouldn’t have allowed, with any prior information on an attack, for it to happen. If it was the Middle East and our government had prior knowledge and did nothing about it, they are just as guilty as those that committed the act. Harry Truman never would have stood for this.

  9. My recollection of the first conspiracy I ever heard of was Area 51 and an Alien crash landing. Nothing more has been revealed or resolved except for opinions, speculations and a money making adventure for the media. It made a great UFO story.

    There have been many conspiracy’s and cover ups throughout history. Sometimes you just gotta think beer and sports in this country aren’t quite enough to stir the imagination of a bored nation who can’t make enough money to buy a house, raise a family, or send their kids to college.

    My experience in growing up with the celticprincess, and her comment to Stand or Fall as a Nation of Americans, is to have Faith and Love within ourselves and know what we are personally doing in our actions, as we are the only ones who have to answer for ourselves in the end. Speculating and pointing fingers in blame on others and looking through quatrains and interpretations in scripture takes our Free Will away from us, as life is fluid and nothing is set in stone. A lesson taught to us as children was, “The only thing set in stone at this point, is Stonehenge, yet that can be changed by moving the stones.” Think about it.

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