Vortex Healing

In being raised my whole life with the statement of, “You are only given what you need, the rest is up to you.” I have come to learn in all my years that what you need has absolutely nothing to do with anything material. There is a code to your life and realizing that you are responsible for deciphering that code to move you on to total spiritual happiness within yourself where everything in your life falls into place without effort, including anything material.

I was born into my family for the lessons they taught me. What you are freely given as a child, whether it was a wash tub to bathe in because the cesspool backed up, an herb or plant from the garden when you skinned your knee or a hand full of flour and a sprinkle of water to make pie crust, you will find as an adult, situations will arise and you will need to utilize information that you came here with and what you have been taught through your life.

I was taught as a child, by my Great Grandfather and Celtic Lord, Vortex Healing. Although, when I was a child we called it in the Breton language, translated to English, because none of you speak Breton, “Spinning Wheels of Light.”  It kind of goes back to that Wheels within Wheels concept through the Universe, spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise, which can be positive or negative, depending on your attitude or frame of mind.  Vortex Healing originated over 5000 years ago through the Merlin Lineage. It is a process of moving energy in a spinning motion, (like a whirlpool, tornado or hurricane), into an injury, illness, disease or life issue, even if it is karmic based, and healing it. The Chinese brought to light spinning energy fields in the body called Chakras and as the Psychic Age of Aquarius was ushered in, so the ancient healing practices came with the New Age of Enlightenment.

My first experience of using Vortex Healing for something major was when I was 12 years old and compressed a disc in my neck during P.E. in school. My Great Grandparents had passed on and my Grandmother utilized the Vortex Healing with Angels that eliminated my pain. It wasn’t until I was an adult I found, after studying color effects in your life, that using different colors in the spinning energy had different healing effects. As little as 2 years ago in using this healing method when I became ill I questioned this pleasant smell I always got, but couldn’t quite place it. Out of the blue a Psychic friend of mine asked me if it was a slight scent of roses. That was the smell and the smell of Angels around me.

All of this comes, with the coincidence of age, that my 12 year old daughter suffering her first major accident when she fell on News Years Day and broke the her tibia and fibula bones in half, in her lower leg. She had to have major surgery and rods put into her leg. She received her first major lesson on using Vortex Healing with Angels. It isn’t hard to accomplish and within minutes my daughters pain subsided and a warm feeling came into her leg. She is now utilizing this healing every time she has to move her leg. It has also helped her to pinpoint a focus, which has caused her ADHD to subside. She has been given what she needs, at the moment, for her life issues.

As for that washtub from my childhood, it certainly has come in handy getting my daughter bathed and hair shampooed with a cast on her leg. And that plant from the garden would the Aloe plant that has diminished many sunburns in the desert and soothed the nerves in her skin around her cast. As for that flour and water mix, when my daughter is well and walking on her own I have promised to show her the fine art of mixing flour and water to make her favorite food called pasta.

Remember the things you learned growing up, whether good or bad, as they will help you decipher your own codes of your life.


45 thoughts on “Vortex Healing

  1. After reading this I am questioning everything I have encountered in my life. I am slowly beginning to now understand that life is not cut and dried and I am realizing, in thinking about all of this there seems to be more to your life than getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth.

  2. I have used vortex healing for years after breaking my arm. I have found that the results are far better than all the medicine on the planet. I rarely ever get sick and remain pain free.

  3. This post seemed a little over whelming when I first read it, but in mentioning it at work I couldn’t believe how many people knew about this and are using it, so I felt like the stupid one. I’m getting a clearer understanding of a lot of things these days. Thanks Princess;)

  4. I read about this in an article sometime ago. It seems to be becoming a more popular way of healing than standard medicines.

    I’m sure as time moves forward doctors and medical bills will become obsolete as it will be taught in kindergarten.

    I am seeing a big difference in this New Age in so many things and if you aren’t willing to keep up with it all you will be left behind.

  5. I am really getting into this spinning wheels thing you have brought up with healing, the planet and the universe. It really is interesting and certainly something to think about.

    Love looking at the Nasa link.

  6. After reading on Doctor Buzzard your Western Psychic Travels through Sedona, Arizona, I am thinking you just might have been born in a Vortex of sorts.

  7. Hi Princess, Happy New Year. Looks like you’re starting things out right. Beautiful thoughts on Vortex healing. I had some thoughts along these lines myself, but having to deal with the college football withdrawal blues myself… Although my team’s won, I can’t help but think that there should be at least one more game left to play… I still can’t believe such a great season is over. But things will get better with your daughter and this too shall pass. Maybe we will have a play off next year… Tommorow is another day!:)

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  9. One of the most amazing pieces I have read. It really gives a new meaning to this planet, human lives and our connection to the Universe. I once read that in the New Age those understanding and utilizing psychic awareness and it’s energy would one day dominate this planet that will lead us into a 1000 years of peace. It seems with the listings of psychics on doctor buzzard and the writings of those in metaphysics this very possibly is the beginning of spiritual awareness that eventually leads this planet into peace.

    I think we should all use Vortex Healing to end this war in the Middle East and save the lives of our children.

  10. If we could get the psychic community together to use Vortex Healing on the war in Iraq, I believe there might be a chance, but finding enough people who know how to do this and getting them together at the same time for maximum energy seems like an impossible task.

  11. Finally I hear someone talk about life codes and the vortexes we all create in our life without realizing it, very nice post.

  12. Nice read on vortex healing. I use it myself and it does work. Just slightly jealous you were raised with it, but excited that someone actually posted something about it. So how do you say that in Breton?

  13. N’emañ ket er geriadur and anyone who speaks and spells in Breton is more than welcome to correct me if I am wrong. I learned how to speak it as a child, not write it very well. My Welsh is a little better, so in Welsh it would be Troell o Golau, but thanks for asking;) Both should be close to spinning light or spinning wheels of light.

  14. LOL, I wouldn’t know the difference and like Bea I have a hard enough time with English, but I admire you for your honesty and ability to seem to know more about energy and how to use it than most people. I’m still jealous of you, but in an enlightened way;)

  15. Very interesting indeed. Seeking to learn more about this energy. I am finding that there is more to this Universe than the Bible, or maybe that is the codes we are to learn about ourselves. Being an Ordained Minister, I have heard so much talk about the “secret codes in the Bible” that I am finding it fascinating that there really are codes in the Bible and oddly, in our own lives.

  16. There is a lot of Truth to Spinning Energy, but just how simple or complicated is it all? Something I once read, that you wrote a long time ago, about messengers during the Dark Ages carrying messages to and from the Royal Court written in secret codes that you referred to as lexigrams. To this day I cannot find relative information on this for that time period and the only real information I have gotten so far is lexigramming in English and with Chimps. Can you email me or write a post about this code?

  17. I too would be interested in this as I recently learned about lexigrams and have spent weeks on my own name, but unable to put it all together.

  18. Are lexigrams interconnected to numerology, because I am beginning to think there is a corrolation, but I can’t quite connect it yet? I love this Vortex post!

  19. I was introduced to Vortex 2 years ago by Timo Kivio, a person of great positive influence and Healing in my life. It is the most powerful and absolute form of healing that I have ever experienced. I have had basic and now am getting ready to take advanced. I want to go all the way through with all the classes to the very end. Basic blew out all my knots. Now I don’t feel lumpy anymore. I feel smooth.I talk to Merlin I talk to Merlin all the time about things, general or specific. I love reading the letters people send in. Nj

  20. I have become so obsessed with Vortex Healing over the last 12 months after encountering a chiropractor who uses it and made me familiar with the term. I love this post because it has taken me further into understanding the Chinese Philosophy of Chakra Healing. This is just the icing on the cake and your use of Angels in the Pagan world have given me a whole new outlook on Magnetic Energy and Wheels within Wheels Spinning that I never really considered.

    Awesome post. Just wish I had found it earlier.

  21. Awesome post. Very helpful in my quest to understand more about spinning energy and healing. Hadn’t considered the effects of color. I have a new quest now in studying color.

    Thanks for the info. Loved other pieces on your blog. I have come away with the feeling that you are very Spiritual, with much Knowledge about the Ancient past as if you have lived it and are retelling it.

    You seem to have a great sense of humor, in a sarcastic sort of way, but I like it. I don’t really think stupid people would really get it, but I suppose it falls under your lexigram post of being smart enough to decipher the code.

  22. Just in the last day I have noticed a big difference in the Energies using colors in my spinning wheels of light. This is just amazing. I’ve been in a wheelchair for 6 years and have had no feeling in my legs from a car accident that wasn’t my fault. A drunk diver hit me when I was riding my bike.

    I am actually feeling warmth in the lower back and a tingling in my feet after using Spinning Energy of Light and now with healing colors. I am suddenly getting amazing results.


  23. The Vortex Healing mentioned here has nothing to do with the popular healing art of this name found at http://www.vortexhealing.com. In fact, since Vortex Healing is a trademarked healing art, the use of the name here is an illegal trademark infringement, which in itself should create questions about credibility.

  24. Of course, Ric, this post does not discuss “popular” Vortex Healing because Vortex Healing has been around for over 5000 years and has been practiced on many continents by numerous tribes thousand of years before trademarks.

    This post in no way suggests, promotes or try’s to sell “popular” vortex healing. It is a means to share and inform others of alternatives to those seeking a Spiritual Practice of Healing.

    You seem to be questioning the credibility of this post. This post was written from a Spiritual Concept of Healing by using energy and written from personal experiences on what I was taught and have practiced.

    For your information Ric, humans can’t put a trademark on Spiritualism. It’s a free concept of your birthright.

    To my knowledge Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech is still legal in this Country.

  25. You go Princess! You are so right about these self centered people putting a “trademark” on Spiritualism. I, for one, resent that type of arrogance over someone’s Spiritual Right.

    So, Ric did you leave this same comment on the other 1000’s of posts on Vortex Healing?

  26. I come on here every now and then to re-read this post to re-energize myself when I just get so many thing going on and I finally realize I am draining myself.

    I was really irritated over Ric Weinman’s comments. He obviously has no clue of your natural “energy” ability and there is no room for arrogance when it comes to spiritualism by throwing around a word of trademarks. The Princess is right, Spiritualism is a free concept of our birthright and what works for one may not suit all people, but she explains it to give you information, but she knows it’s up to us to pursue more than she gives us. Maybe we need to question how many people actually go to your website after reading her post.

  27. Just came in from a late night visit with friends. I really could expound over the presidential race as I am an Obama fan, but I’ll leave it to the process.

    Just wanted to comment over Ric Weinman’s comment. I was paralyzed from the waste down for over 5 years. Because of this post from the Ceticprincess I sought out information on vortex healing and even look at the vortex healing.com website.

    My therapist read both websites and agreed that this woman had a point that just didn’t cost me money I didn’t have. He and I researched color effects through chakras and after using color therapy I am actually standing. Go figure Ric.

  28. Very interesting post. Clarification
    above other posts that don’t want an arm and leg to get affordable healing.

    I was looking for a way to help heal my son that the doctors can’t seem to heal. It is working so far.

    I’ll let you know if it isn’t working anymore, but right now I am ecstatic. It’s been 3 days using your method and he seems to be a whole lot better.

  29. WOW! I read this post and didn’t give it much thought, but when something happened to my knee that the doctors wanted me to have surgery on I decided to try this first. I don’t have medical insurance and I could hardly walk, so I used this and, well, the heat was so intense on my knee in meditation I almost couldn’t stand it. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up, my knee didn’t hurt at all and hasn’t hurt since. I just wanted others to know I was successful with this method.

  30. On March 22, 1994 I recieved the architectural design copyright for the Capstone Vortex Design and is the basis for CAPSTONE VORTEX HEALING RESORTS. I was in Aspen Colorado and I started passing my Healing Resort Proposal out to anyone who would read it. I later find out that a Ric Weinman, then living 2 hrs away in Breckenridge Colorado has Trademarked ” VORTEX HEALING” in 1995 from “HIS” revelation in November of 1994.what an amazing coincidence!? He lifted this name just like he lifted his “Special Trademarked Treatments”.

  31. Interesting comments on vortex healing, however, I feel Ric Weinman just needs to get rid of his arrogance and realize there just might be a different approach that others use on vortex healing, like using colors and chakras that work well for me. Hey it might not float everyones boat but it certainly has help my life.

    • I would love to learn vortex healing but cannot afford Ric’s offering. Can anyone could share or point me to the how to’s of Vortex healing.
      Thank you!

  32. Hi CP,
    Thought I would share the latest news about the vortex healing item I was writing with you. Ric Whineman kicked up a fuss claiming that he invented Vortex Healing – I think he thinks he’s Jesus Christ, actually – and that he would sue me and the magazine if we didn’t trademark the entire copy and tell the world that he invented something that is over 5000 years old. He also claims he never agreed to an interview with me – good job I have the phone transcript then, isn’t it?
    Silly, deluded man, he could have done very well out of that feature too!

  33. Sorry if this has been covered in the comments but I’m still not clear…what exactly IS the technique celticprincess is talking about that’s so effective? I assume it’s free since everyone kicked up a fuss about paying for it…can you please share?

    • Vortex Healing is using Universal Energy, it’s quite simple to do. When you think of a Vortex think of a spinning Energy, It can be used clockwise or counter clock wise. Basically on the Humane body it is used through your Charkas, which are energy points in the in top of the head,the center of the forehead. You have one in the throat, your solar plexus and and in the center of you hands and feet. Using this requires meditation in rest to these parts of the body. You can also visual color in your meditation spinning into these points. I would be help full if you bought a book explaining what different colors do for the body when mediating. Using primary colors and secondary colors and tertiary colors. Those each have an effect on pain and illnesses. When you get practiced enough you can use it to help heal anyone or any animal.

  34. Ric is a good guy, very humble and unassuming. His classes will be the most interesting class you ever take. Ric gives all the credit for Vortex Healing to Merlin. That someone else found Vortex Energy is understandable, it’s the Divine not Ric that’s creating this gift. What Ric does is take this gift to the limit. What celticprincess has to say about her version of Vortex, gets covered in the “Basic” class. Most likely in day 1 or 2. I’m sure celticprincess has a good heart and is a lovely person but like peeling an onion there is always another layer to uncover, she is staying on the outer edge.

    • I never really said he wasn’t a good person, but everyone has their differences and we are raised in different thought processes and we all try to do the best we can in this lifetime we agree to disagree, if you don’t learn from your mistakes in life then you aren’t trying to improve your soul.

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