Health Care In This Country

I would like to share a personal story about HEALTH CARE in this Country.  I’m not trying to make your decisions, I am however, trying to understand the stupidity of Doctors who use scare tactics if you don’t have Health Care.  I’m not happy over the fact that I am a widow raising to 2 teenage children on my own.  My husband, who was the main bread winner, died leaving me his debt that I am obligated to pay.  I was given no choice.  I applied for health insurance after his health coverage cancelled the policy because of his death.  I applied with a Health Insurance Company, but my children and I were denied because I take thyroid medication and my children’s doctor would not release their medical history because they were minors.  I was never given the option of allowing their medical files to be released.  It’s hard to know what to do when you are confronted with a situation you have never had to handle.  I’ve grown up since then and the stress I went through with my husband’s death that took a while to get over.

In that while of growing up I kept hearing my Great Grandfather telling me as a child to “pay attention to your surroundings”.    What I found in my surroundings was arrogant self serving people who only cared about how much they used you and made in dollar signs, off of you.

3 years and 9 months ago on New Year’s day my daughter was called by a neighbor to come and babysit their 9 year old daughter.  The father of the child was playing golf and afterwards drinking at the “Counry Club”.  The mother left her child home alone while she went to the bar.  The girls were watching T.V. when the father came home and told them to go outside and play on the trampoline. What do kids do when they are told by adults to do something, they usually do it.  My daughter broke both of her lower leg bones in half.  The father had left, didn’t tell the girls and when his daughter called him he refused to come home.

My daughter laid on a trampoline for 30 minutes in pain because the father didn’t believe it actually happened when his daughter called him.  My daughter finally called me and I showed up before the father who was closer to the house than I was.  $34,ooo.00 in medical bills and a lawsuit that has taken 3 years and 9 months to settle and I lost my job staying home to take care of her for 6 weeks because there was no one else to do it. My daughter couldn’t even get to the bathroom by herself.  I was denied State benefits to cover her medical bills because I had a retirement account left to me by my husband.

I was unemployed because the economy fell and jobs were suddenly hard to come by in the state of Arizona.

Fast forward to this year in June.  My 16 year old son, an honor student, was complaining of pain in his rib cage and chest area.  His doctor requested I send him to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  He was in the hospital 6 hours on an EKG machine.  Three doctors said all he had was inflammation in his rib cage.  He was given Ibuprofen and was fine, until the Cardiologist’s office called to do another EKG.  My sons entire hospital bill was $1300.00 for 6 hours, the Cardiologist charge me $847.00 for one EKG and my son was in that room with a nurse practitioner for 10 minutes.  Several days went by before that office called and wanted to do a stress test I refused because of their prices and the nurse practitioner told me on the phone he was extremely ill and could drop dead at any moment and I would be responsible. I didn’t believe her so she had the Cardiologist call me to tell me the same thing over the phone. They gave gave him an echo gram instead and did not charge me.  They waited a week to give me the result that showed nothing.  So they re-asked for the for a tread mill test at no charge, however the bill came later, over 800.00 dollars.  Then they wanted to do an MRI for $10,ooo.oo that had to be paid up front. He didn’t get the test.

Every test my son had he was told NOT to EAT before that test.  The nurse practitioner showed me a comparison to the hospital tests and told me he was extremely ill.

I’m not that stupid, I got a second opinion by 2 doctors.  I was told to make sure he had food on his stomach before the EKG.  In the end the only thing wrong with him was he drank to much water that flushed all of his electrolytes out of his  body. He was told to drink Gator Aid and he has been fine every since then.  His EKG’s have been normal since.

My point to this blog, for those of you who want to call Government Health Care Socialized Medicine I really could care less, you can call it whatever you want.  I have dual citizenship with Ireland, however, when I was living in England I fell and broke my ankle.  I was taken to the hospital, a cast was put on and I didn’t pay a dime of money I didn’t have.  There are millions of citizens in this Country who can’t afford Health Insurance and just can’t get it because of a “pre-existing condition”.

By the way, my son was also denied State Health Care because I receive Social Security Death Benefits that the State of Arizona claims to be more than enough that is suppose to go to health insurance and a college fund.  Obviously, they haven’t checked the price of food, gas or the job market in Arizona lately and I am State Licensed in my profession.  I’m lucky to work 3 days a month.

It’s really sad that political promises  by State Officials are nothing more than promises and a bag full of lies. Be very careful of who you vote for in your State next year.


The Arrogance of this Country

Since when do the elected officials of this Country try to take away our God given right to make our choices, pertaining to our personnel experiences we came here to work out, all on our own, as they arrogantly assume control of it’s citizens decisions.  When are they going to wake up and realize that this Country is not about them, it’s about WE THE PEOPLE!   These politicians have gone to great lengths to NOT Provide American Citizens with HEALTH CARE!

Think about it!!!!  How many of you are struggling financially?  How many of you have had their Credit Reports ruined because you lost your job and have to wait up to 7 years before it’s no longer on your credit report and can’t get anything done in your favor?  How many of you have had homes that suffered foreclosure and you are not living in the style you had?  How many of you live in a State where your State Government really doesn’t care, because they believe it’s your fault for not being the Almighty Rich Citizen?   Did we all really come here to be rich or do we come here for our personal goals we need to accomplish on our own?

Are you aware that Companies out there are not hiring people, who pay taxes, because they might have a drink or two or smoke. Companies aren’t hiring disabled people because they only want to hire healthy strong workers.  They aren’t hiring older workers because they feel they can’t produce enough.  WHAT HAPPENS TO AMERICA WHEN MOST OF THE PEOPLE ARE OUT OF WORK AND NO TAXES ARE BEING PAID?

Is dictating to me from another Human this Countries course of action to be our NEW WAY to life?  THAT’S NOT FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

If the Arrogance and Control is to be our new way of life, the FEDERAL Government and Corporations have serious issues.

As long as we still have FREEDOM OF SPEECH everyone needs to express their opinion against the CONTROL of our lives.  SLAUGHTERING THE CONSTITUTION IS A CRIME BEYOND REPROACH.

It’s not even funny to me that Google and their buy out of Yahoo are arrogantly trying to control what’s on the internet.

Let it RIP VERBALLY before you no longer have FREEDOM OF SPEECH and CHOICES TO MAKE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!




What Does Laughing Have To Do With Anything

There aren’t many people in this Country that find anything amusing these days.  Many people who were once middle to upper middle class are unemployed, have lost or are losing their homes and can’t feed their children.  Take heart it’s not just this Country suffering lack of jobs and loss of property.  My cousin is going through pretty much the same thing in England right now.


My father used to say no mater how bad things get, it could be worse.  He was right with that statement and I am going to tell you why.   There is a neighbor that lives down the street and around the corner from me.  He lost his job and medical insurance because he couldn’t afford to pay the medical insurance premiums through Cobra.  His wife worked, but their main income was gone.  They lived off of their savings and credit cards, trying to hang on until things got better, but it only got worse.  Eight weeks ago he had an electrical short in the wiring in his attic and it caught fire to his house. He got his family out and the fire department was called by a neighbor.  


This man was so stressed over everything going on a few days later he suffered a heart attack and the paramedics had to be called.  He was unconscious and they had to shock him to resuscitate him.  He woke up in the hospital the next day.  His wife visited him everyday and on the 5th day of his hospital stay, when he was feeling somewhat better, she reminded him that they were now over $200,000.00 in debt with no medical insurance and he was unemployed. His wife told me a few days ago, when I bumped into her at the store, that after she reminded him of how bad their finances were he started to laugh until he was hysterically laughing.  His wife thought he had literally lost his mind and buzzed for the nurse, who got the staff doctor in to see him immediately because he couldn’t wouldn’t stop laughing hysterically.  


Take “Heart”  the doctor told him the more laughing and physical exercise you do the more anxiety you release and the stress starts to subside helping you to focus better on new opportunities.  He also suggested a pet, to which, if you really love your pet, they help to absorb negative energy from the humans they love, which is why when you get depressed or agitated your pet seems to either sympathize or pull your attitude and you don’t know why.


Yesterday, my neighbor, his wife and their new puppy were walking down the street in front of my house.  Their homeowners insurance company still has not settled on fixing their roof and that have plastic sheets covering the wholes.  My next door neighbor was in her front yard that is fenced talking to my daughter that was in her yard.  My daughter had on backless shoes and she got so excited to see this puppy she went to step back and caught her shoe on the driveway and fell flat on her butt.   Ya just couldn’t help but laugh hysterically.   (all she ended up with was bruised ego and highly embarrassed)


By the way, my neighbor’s family and friends have financially help them reduce their debt, but they are still struggling, as so many people are.  Take a stress break and laugh.


So……. what tickles your funny bone?

Child Abuse, Parent Abuse, Anger Management

l, like everyone, have things going on in their life, but I seem to always have more things happening than most, of course, because I was taught as a child to pay attention to everything going on around me. I am not going to discuss in detail, the psychic ability of Clairaudience. (Psychic ability to hear) That would be up to everyone else to decide their path in this life time. However, I have been prompted by my deceased grandmother, for whatever her reason, to discuss Child Abuse.  Right now my grandmother is pushing me to bring this up again, since my post on “Save the Children”.  

This started on her, “living, birthday” on April,22, 2008.  She was born on April 22, 1907.  The following excerpt comes from the internet, I suppose to prove a point on her part. Her name was Opal Davis.  She is in the National Archives in Washington for her work, along with Kitty Baldwin who founded the Arizona Blood Bank in 1943.  

She, also, was an extreme advocate and volunteer of the Child Crisis Nursery and Hotline, in Arizona and worked the Child Crisis Hotline for many years. If you happened to call her while she was working the Hotline she would cut you off, as their was no Caller ID at that time. Oddly, she mostly got calls from “parents” whose children were abusing them, which was the lack of parent discipline and rules for their children that they could follow through with every day.

Sometimes parents just don’t know when to say NO and mean it or follow through with it when their kid is totally out of control.  As a parent with kids, you have to follow through with the rules, but NEVER make the rules on your part abusive or out of line. Set limits and stick to them.

My Grandmother was raised in the Ancient Celtic Spiritualism, but became a Christian after her youngest sister died from Scarlet Fever at 9 years old. Then following that path, an Ordained Minister in 1973. She used both worlds of religion and spiritualism to get her point across. She even had me go to the Crisis Nursery to hold, coddle, and rub the babies backs and tummies to sooth them when they were crying, which oddly led me into learning and teaching sign language and lip reading to deaf pre-school children, when I was in College, whose parents were at a loss on communication skills with their disabled child.

I am thankful for those teachings because it has prepared me for my youngest child, that I swear is from the planet Zoldor and unlike anyone else I have encountered in all of my years on this planet.

Sixty Five years ago… (From the Internet)

“In 1943, wartime canteen volunteers Katherine (Kitty) Baldwin and Opal Davis founded Blood Systems”, (in Arizona.)

These two women, exhibiting an unusual blend of pragmatism, ingenuity and foresight, recognized the need for blood among soldiers at war and a concurrent need for a dependable supply of blood among hospitals in the Phoenix area.”

My Grandmother made damn sure I gave blood on a regular basis.

My point on this!!!!!!  If you feel the need to take your frustration out on your child, DON’T. Check your Anger!  Put a lock on your bedroom door, go to your room, lock it, punch a pillow and scream and shout into your pillow instead, then give yourself time to settle your anger and rationalize that you too were probably the product of your own parents abuse.

Worse case scenario seek help for your anger and/or find an outlet other than your kids for your anger. They are NOT responsible for your temper and lack of control over your emotions.

SAVE THE CHILDREN!  We can never find a resolution for Global Warming on this planet, without the help of our children and future generations, that start with Love, Respect and Grace for our Children and Our Planet.




Here is a different way of learning Manifesting things that seems to be simple in the mind of an elderly woman, which is my almost 80 year old mother. This is how my mother has worked manifesting, unknowingly or accepting to her, since my father died over 4 1/2 years ago. Almost three years ago on December 31st, my mother came over to my house to eat and watch a movie. My Ridge-back dog was a puppy then, but still big. She loves company she knew and when I opened the door to let my mother in that dog pushed past me and jumped on her, knocking her down before I could stop her.

It took my mother several months after that to manifest the fear of falling. My mother wasn’t hurt in the fall, but she has spent her entire life being afraid of everything.Three months after her first fall, she calls me in a panic because she was standing at the counter in her kitchen, lost her balance for no reason and just fell to the floor and couldn’t get up. However, she has claimed all along she didn’t know how to use her cell phone, but conveniently had it positioned on the counter to where she could reach it, just so she could call me. I had to go over and pick her up off the floor and I do have a lower back injury that I try to ignore as much as possible. Funny she knew my son wasn’t home at the time.

I went out and bought my mother a cane, but she refused to use it. I offered to move in with her, but she wanted me to give my children and my personal belongings away. She hates children and didn’t want them in her house, which is why she didn’t raise her own children and she didn’t want anything I owned in her house. With her falling experience she had all these doctors run all these tests only to tell her it was all in her head and she needed to use her cane whether she liked it or not if she wanted to believe she had no balance. It’s a pretty purple cane with pink flowers, and when she started taking it to work, because the Doctor said so, she was so happy with all the attention she got over it.

Well, her way of manifesting things gets better. I have been extremely busy as of late. My oldest brother and his youngest son have been trying to help fill in the gap by doing all this work at her house, but it hasn’t been to her satisfaction, because “they won’t cook her meals”. They both have MS and my oldest brother’s is Progressive. They will go get her food, but she doesn’t want that and she doesn’t want me putting in long hours at work. Soooo, she decides to sit in her house, by herself, and take her blood pressure every 10 minutes. She finally got it up to stroke level, so she could call me and tell me she was having a stroke or heart attack and I needed to rush to her before she died. She lives a half of a mile down the street from me. Of course she had just seen the heart doctor and he told her she was fine.

I rush over there and call the paramedics who come and monitor her heart and blood pressure and they tell her she is having an anxiety attack, which is what I said to her before they showed up, but I’m stupid. I leave my son to stay with her the night, because I had to work in the morning, but she got up at 3:30 in the morning and yelled at him for having a light on in her den. I had to go get him because she wouldn’t quit screaming at him over a light. Then she wanted to know the next day why I picked him up and left her alone to die. (eye rolling)

Of course, she didn’t want me doing anything with my children over Labor Day weekend, so she had my brother take her to the hospital, because in her mind she was dying over her blood pressure. All her tests found was, anxiety, which led me to reprimand her in front of her Doctor and he agreed with me. The doctor told her he was going to her house and throw her blood pressure machine away that made her mad. The outcome of my visit to the hospital was my mother telling my daughter she needed to have her house vacuumed and dusted before she came home in the morning. She’s going to be really disappointed that it didn’t happen. See how that works.You just cannot demand of others, what you, yourself, are just not willing to do for you or anyone else.


After the last month and the day I had today, then reading an e-mail from Lucky7Star today, I would have to say the Word of the Planet Earth right now is RESPECT. I think we ought to renew the song by Aretha Franklin titled “Respect”, and see if anyone on this Planet gets it yet, because I certainly am not seeing it.

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know that I teach in Technical School for adult education, however, I was off work for 10 1/2 months from a back injury and my daughter’s surgery on her lower leg, when she broke two bones completely in half and was in a cast for almost 3 months. When she could return to school I still couldn’t return to work because I had no one to take her to school or pick her up.

I have a love/hate relationship with those words of Summer Break. When I work, my teenagers stay home and fight with each other and call me on my cell phone all day long. This year I was relieved to return to work on Summer Break. However……………………………The Owner of the school called me in a panic. That should have been my first indication that I needed to retire from teaching. Technical School isn’t always about adult education, especially when it also serves the Public, as well as the High School Vocational Program from the High Schools full of 17 and 18 year old students looking for a career by the time they graduate High School. Students get 2 1/2 credits for High School attending Vocational Schools starting in the Summer prior to their Senior year.

Gee, how convenient for the Owner of the School to call me the day before my kids were leaving for 3 weeks to visit my brother in the South. All I was told was the Vo-tech Students had started, there were 40 of them and their Basics teacher had quit. That should have been my second indication, since she had been teaching the beginning Basics in that School for 7 years.

I just wanted to go back to work. I didn’t care about thinking why my employer was so dramatic that I return. Three days later I found out when a 17 year old female student with bleached blonde hair and pink braces started screaming at me over the fact that she had no intention of doing what was required and she would do what she pleased. She was only there for the credits for High School. Then 2 of her friends piped in to defend her and were screaming at me. Hmmm! Now I knew why the other teacher quit. I let it slide that day only because they were having to adjust to a new teacher. However, when it happened from the same 3 students the next day the only thing that was sliding, was down their eardrums when I pulled the MOM tone and let them have it over their “immature and disrespectful behavior”.

Those 3 backed off only to have 3 more start the same thing with me the next day. The MOM tone came again to the whole class of 40 teenagers on the lack of Respect and their total immaturity. Unfortunately, my 13 and almost 15 year old are more respectful than the entire 40 teenagers, that are 17 and 18 year olds, put together. If you have a teen be aware that they “click” in 3’s whether you know about the other 2 in your teens life or not. I have done nothing, but reprimand these students, just waiting for one parent to call and complain about how “their precious child was being treated”. I was so disappointed that not one parent called, until this week. A father wanted to come in and talk to me. I actually expected the worst, because parents always want to defend their child’s behavior because they think they have raised them right. However, this father that came in gave me written permission to hit his child as I saw necessary. I know I looked at him like he lost his mind. I don’t hit my own kids, how could I possibly hit someone else’s brat? I didn’t even know what to say to him other than I would do what was in my legal right.

In the 30 years I have taught in this profession I have never encountered a class full of teenagers who thought they had control of everyone. Today was the straw that broke the camels back. When I had 3 other teens take pictures of a client on their cell phones they are not allowed to even show in the school and laugh at him to his face and make fun of him (that’s illegal). This elderly man is disabled and started crying over the way he was treated in a school he has been coming to for years and has never had a problem with students, until today. I don’t like profanity on my blog, but I will tell you, I was f***ing pis*ed.Not so funny that when I walked into the classroom of 40 teenagers and without saying a word at that moment I had 3 teenagers Scream at me that whatever I heard was a lie, they didn’t do it.

What they never paid attention to over the whole incident, I was watching them while they did it, I just didn’t know who they were doing it to at that moment. The best part is, I have known this man for 18 years, and when he came out and saw me standing there, with tears in his eyes, he managed a slight smile and knew I would take care of it and I did. In the MEAN Mom tone I point blank told them I was contacting their High School Counselors and their non productive parents and they would be attending High School for 5 years to make-up for the credits they were going to lose when I terminated them. You really could have heard a pin drop in that classroom. I will bet any one of you, not one parent will call me to defend their total brat teenager. The best part of all of this was my 13 year old daughter who went to work with me today, who was appalled by what she was experiencing and didn’t understand why their parents didn’t care to do anything over how they were acting.

If you have teens, stop being afraid of them and lay the law down. YOU ARE THE PARENT. Just how do feel if your smart a*s teen rules their way of control into Government? For the rest of you that don’t really give a Rats A*s about RESPECTING others or this PLANET as a whole, well gee, the second word of the day is “GROW UP”! I have read the comments on my blog about others that just don’t get it. We all in this together, at this moment in our lives. Are all of you that afraid, self-centered and selfish that you care nothing about the future of your family and friends and how they act, and yet the Planet Earth’s Future? If I was that controlling as a teen, at this moment I would have a frame around my face that was implanted in a concrete wall. I admit there is Child Abuse and there is Child Discipline. Where do you as a parent stand or let alone “Adult” stand over your very own kids? As much as I hate to say this, “You can run, but you Can’t hide from your responsibilities as a Parent and let other’s take up that part because your lazy and don’t want to deal with it.” If you don’t want that responsibility, don’t have kids!!!!

For those of you that just don’t care about others on this Planet that are trying to make it a better place to live, get off the Internet and quit pretending to be something you are just never going to be, no matter what control you think you are going to get.

Bi-Polar Disorder for the Last Time

I have had so many people wanting to know about “bi-polar disorder”, which is a polite way of saying manic-depression, that I decided to share what I dealt with, briefly to say the least. The disease should not be classified as a disorder, as it is a mental illness disease, inherited through genes and set off in adulthood. Not a lot was known about it for years, but as it has progressed through society and more studies have been done, as too many people who inherit this disease are rapidly becoming citizen’s of mental institutions and prisons.

Many parents do not ever want to admit that there is something wrong with their child. They see their behavior as obnoxious and punish them accordingly, but they certainly don’t understand the bigger picture.

A person who inherits this disease can lead a normal life for the most part, as long as they stay away from drugs, alcohol and anything that alters brain perception. The downfall of these people is addiction. Normally, as a child they are a little hyper and do things they shouldn’t or have been told that it’s wrong, but as they enter their teens and hormone changes they become depressed and seek something to make them feel better. Many teens turn to alcohol because they can get it from an older sibling or parent who doesn’t think to much about the effect it will have on their teen.

With the presents of available, illegal drugs, such as meth-amphetamines, more people are using that drug because it’s cheap, available and alters brain perception to make them feel better and more powerful over themselves. The problem with those born with this disease don’t really understand that the drugs and or alcohol abuse may not affect them mentally and physically until they are in their 30’s. It does eventually become apparent to those dealing with that person that something has changed within them and they are acting differently by lying, cheating, stealing, becoming distant and abusive and above all paranoid to normal things going on around them that they blew out of proportion and have fed themselves with unreal situations that really weren’t happening.

Personally, I have had several people in my life who were diagnosed as being bi-polar and a few who are bi-polar that just won’t admit there is something wrong with them. Of course, there is medication for this disease, if they take it, which many just don’t. The extreme of manic-depression leads those to obsess with suicide and or killing others because they have become paranoid and or schizophrenic.

After dealing with my ex-husband’s extreme bi-polar disease that eventually brought him to suicide it really hasn’t been that hard to recognize it in other people I deal with on a daily basis.

The sad part of all of this is my ex’s parents denied there was ever anything wrong in their family, yet his aunt died in a State Hospital from the the same disease. My ex-mother-in-law would never talk about any of it and hid all the facts from her children, because she was embarrassed over her husbands sister who had this disease. My ex-father-in-law Never talks about his past because he doesn’t want to deal with it or resolve it.

What goes around comes around because my ex-mother-in- law was the one who found her son hanging from the ceiling in her garage when she came home from work.

Don’t be stupid and deny the problems in your family history. Deal with it, accept it and help those who just can’t help themselves. Giving from your heart and helping others in need will make you a stronger and more loving person on this planet and it just may save your children from having to deal with ultimate drama that they shouldn’t have in their life. They deserve better. You brought them into this world, it’s your job to take care of them, regardless of the circumstances going on around you.